Secret Pages Made Open to Public -- Overview

Shaolin 72-Chin Na Techniques

The pages below were originally in the Secret Pages, but are now made open to the public.

There were many reasons why masters in the past kept their secrets. A main reason was to prevent the information from getting to wrong people. Another important reason was that the teacher or the student teaching or learning the secret information must be qualified to do so, otherwise it might cause harm instead of benefit.

But times have changed. In the past, kungfu was a matter of life and death, but now it is a hobby. This does not mean that kungfu has lost its importance. In fact, a main aim of practicing kungfu today is to enrich our lives and the lives of other people.

An original aim of setting up our school, Shaolin Wahnam Institute, is to promote the greatness and glory of kungfu, and to spread its benefits to deserving students. Keeping its secrets goes against this philosophy.

Warning: The revealing of secrets is for our Shaolin Wahnam members, though the public can have access to it. The secrets are mainly for information. Unless you are qualified, please do not attempt to teach or learn from the videos. It may cause harm instead of benefit.

Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit
7th October 2017, Sungai Petani.

  1. Shaolin 72 Chin-Na Techniques in Sequences in Sabah 2008
  2. Baguazhang at UK Summer Camp 2012
  3. Shaolin-Taijiquan against Other Martial Arts in Bern 2011
  4. Taijiquan on Blue Mountain 2012

    Shaolin Chin-Na Baguazhang Taijiquan Shaolin-Taijiquan against Other Martial Arts
    Shaolin Chin-Na Baguazhang Taijiquan Shaolin-Taijiquan

  1. Kungfu against Other Martial Arts -- Oslo 2012
  2. Awesome Iron Wire -- Killarney 2012
  3. Choy-Li-Fatt Kungfu -- Oslo 2012
  4. Intensive Chi Kung Course 2012 Penang

    Kuungfu Iron Wire Choy-Li-Fatt chi kung intensive
    Against Other Arts Iron Wire -- Ireland Choy-Li-Fatt Intensive Chi Kung

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