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Intensive Taijiquan Course in Sabah

An amazing Intensive Taijiquan Course will be held in Sabah, Malaysia from 6th to 12th April 2017. You can read how amazing practicing Taijiquan can be here.

The Intensive Taijiquan Course will include the following

  1. Basic Taijiquan patterns and sets
  2. Generating energy flow
  3. Developing internal force
  4. Pushing Hands techniques
  5. Pushing Hands tectics
  6. Combat application of Taijiquan
  7. Taijiquan for health, combat efficiency and spiritual cultivation

Many people find it unbelievable to learn so much in so short a time.

Those attending the course need some prior experience in Taijiquan or suitable a martial art. They should familiarlise themselves with the 12 Basic Combat Sequences found here. Please be warn that those not familiar with the combat sequences may not get the best benefits from the course.

Please apply to Sifu Bernie Kissey as soon as possible. The Sabah organizers are well known for their kind hospitality. You will certain enjoy and benefit much from the course.