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Grandmaster Wong performing a sequence of Tantui

Shaolin Tantui is widely practiced today all over the world. However, its combat application is seldom taught.

There was no doubt that Tantui, which means "spring kicks", was very effective for combat. Great Chinese masters, like Sifu Wang Zi Ping and Sifu Huo Yun Jia, used Tantui to defeat all challengers who came to China in the early 20th century to test her kungfu.

Sifu Wong Kiew Kit will conduct a special Tantui course, with emphasis on internal force training and combat application, from 24th July to 5th August 2017 in Penang, with the hope to revive the greatness and glory of Tantui. Sifu Emiko Hsuen, who was a former international wushu champion and Tantui expert, will bring her students to the course.

As many students are expected to attain the course, there will be 2 sessions, with plenty of room for combat application. The two sessions are from 24th to 30th July 2017 and from 30th July to 5th August 2017. Students need to attend either one of the sessions, and they must be familiar with the 12 Sequences of Tantui which can be learned here.

Other students not taught by Sifu Emiko may also apply to attend the course. Please send your application to the 4ecretary, stating your prior kungfu experience for Sifu Wong's consideration.

Shaolin Tantui

Combat application using Shaolin Tantui