Videos of Intensive Shaolin Kungfu Course of October 2006

Shaolin Kung Fu free sparring

Free sparring during the Intensive Shaolin Kungfu Course in October 2006

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  1. Stances: the Foundation for Internal Force and Combat Efficiency
  2. Footwork Secrets for Health, Efficiency and Elegance
  3. Moving into a Same Direction using Different Ways to Gain Advantages
  4. Picture-Perfect Forms and Flowing Movements
  5. From Random Fighting to Patterns, then to Sequences and Sets

  6. One-Step Sparring to Develop Combat Skills
  7. From Pre-Arranged Sparring to Guided Sparring
  8. Using Techniques and Tactics in Sparring
  9. The Five Basic Kicks
  10. The Secrets of Side Kicks and Continuous Cannons

  11. How You may Defeat Opponents Experienced in Random Free Sparring
  12. How Would a Fragile Girl Counter a Powerful Sweeping Kick from a Muay Thai Fighter?
  13. Shaolin Felling Techniques and their Defences
  14. Safety First Before Executing Felling Techniques
  15. From Combat Sequences to Free Sparring

  16. Sixteen Combat Sequences and Five Kungfu Sets
  17. Surprise your Attacker with a Counter-Attack
  18. Working out Ways to Fight a Boxer
  19. Effective Tactics and Techniques against Boxers
  20. From Gross Outline to Fine Details

  21. Exploiting Advantage to Clinch Victory
  22. Variety of Kungfu Techniques against Boxers
  23. Analysis of Techniques Used against Boxers
  24. Using Shaolin Kungfu against Boxing in Free Sparring
  25. Effective Shaolin Tactics and Techniques against Kick-Boxing

  26. Shaolin Kungfu against Kick-Boxing in Free Sparring
  27. How to Handle a Karate Exponent
  28. How to Handle a Taekwondo Exponent
  29. How to Handle a Wrestling Exponent
  30. Understanding the Typical Attacks of Muay Thai Fighters

  31. Grandmaster Ho's Secrets in Countering Muay Thai Fighters
  32. First Avoid Defeat, Then Secure Victory
  33. Countering the Elbow and Knee Attacks of Muay Thai Fighters


Review of Intensive Shaolin Kungfu Course, October 2006

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