Grandmaster Wong performing a typical Baguazhang pattern, Green Dragon Tests Claws

The videos below were originally found in secret pages, but Gtrandmaster Wong has decided to release them in the open.

  1. Characteristic Baguazhang Pattern: Green Dragon Tests Claw
  2. Walking the Octagon
  3. The Secret of Circle Walking
  4. Movements of a Dragon
  5. Changing Palm 1: Single Changing Palm
  6. Changing Palm 2: Double Changing Palm
  7. Changing Palm 3: Smooth-Flow Palm
  8. Changing Palm 4: Back-Body Palm
  9. Secret Method of Internal Force Training and Changing Palm 5
  10. Changing Palm 7: Essence of Baguazhang Movement

  11. Changing Palms 6 and 8
  12. Form and Flow
  13. Flowing like a Dragon
  14. Combat Sequence 1: Open Window to Look at Moon
  15. Some Sophisticated Baguazhang Techniques
  16. No-Defence Direct-Counter
  17. Control a Running Horse
  18. Footwork and Body Position
  19. Some Questions on Combat Situations
  20. The Importance of Picture-Perfect Form

  21. Anticipating Movement and Generating Internal Force
  22. Combat Sequence 1 in Combination and in Solo Practice
  23. Developing Internal Force Using the Flow Method
  24. Can Baguazhang be as Combat Effective against Other Martial Arts?
  25. Combat Sequence 2: Pure Blade Cuts Grass
  26. Horizontal Palm Sweeps
  27. Catching Opponents by Surprise
  28. Hallmarks of High-Level Combat
  29. Splendid Technique while on Ground
  30. Chi Flow and Combat Application


    Grandmaster Wong and Sifu Chris in baguazhang combat

  31. Wiping Out Opponents Despite their Overwhelming Strength
  32. Changing from Worrying about How to Meet your Opponent's Attack to Letting him Worry about How to Meet your Attack
  33. Combat Training with Picture-Perfect Form and Force
  34. Yellow Dragon Emerges from CAve
  35. Baguazhang Patterns are Functional, though they may Appear Decorative to the Unibitiated
  36. Threading -- No Defence Direct Counter
  37. Skipping Swallow, Colourful Swallow and Sleeping Buffalo
  38. A Top Secret Strategy to Defeat your Opponents
  39. Excellent Strategies for Combat and for Life
  40. Sequence 4 -- Breeze Sways Lotus Leaves

  41. Different Patterns with Same Name
  42. Sophisticated Kicks and Felling Techniques
  43. Revealing a Top Secret
  44. Using Sequences as Bases for Combat
  45. Sequence 5 -- Strange Python Turns Body
  46. Laying a Trap for an Unexpected Turn-Around Strike
  47. Flowing Force in Picture-Perfect Form
  48. Releasing Arm being Gripped in a Twisted Position
  49. Kungfu is for Fighting, Not for Demonstration
  50. An Element of Threat

  51. Using Combat Sequences on your Opponents, Not Bounce about like Them
  52. Advancing by Retreating and a Marvelous Technique
  53. Marvelous Technique in Cloud Flakes
  54. Two Defence Patterns against Any Kicks
  55. Be in Combat Mode Yet Relaxed Even in Practice
  56. Sequence 6 -- Big Boss Removes Helmet
  57. A Deadly Head Twist
  58. Flowing with an Opponent's Momentum
  59. Counter against Head Twist
  60. Rolling over and Gliding into an Opponent


    Sifu Tim and Frederick in Baguazhang combat

  61. A Glimpse of High-Level kungfu
  62. Flowing with and Taming a Close-Quarter Attack
  63. The Importance of Stances
  64. Stances and Turning
  65. Skills and Techniques, and Round-House Kicks
  66. Importance of Footwork and Body-Movement
  67. Good Timing and Good Spacing
  68. Circular Movement in Baguazhang
  69. Sequence 7 -- Green Dragon Returns Head
  70. Why do Baguazhang Exponents Bend their Body Backward?

  71. What would You do when an Opponent is Behind Your Back?
  72. If an Opponent is Behind You, Go Round to his Back
  73. Keeping to an Opponent's Back
  74. Intercepting an Opponent from Getting Behind You
  75. Barring an Opponent from Getting to your Back
  76. Intercepting an Opponent as He Moves In
  77. Amazing Counters against Amazing Counters
  78. Elegance and Profundity of Baguazhang
  79. Sequence 8 -- Cloud Dragon Returns Head
  80. Counter against the Shoot

  81. Leaning Back to Strike Opponent when He tries to Fell You
  82. Tempting an Opponent to Chase You
  83. Leg Technques of Phoenix and White Age
  84. Getting to the Back of a Boxer
  85. Covering Boxer's Attacks with Green Dragon Presents Claws
  86. Answering Practical Questions
  87. How to Defeat a Faster and Agile Opponent
  88. Boxers and Random Fighters Have No Chance against your Stance and Guard-Hand
  89. Reactive and Proactive Strategies
  90. Increasing the Level of Force and Speed

  91. Overcoming the Problem of your Legs Not Following your Heart
  92. Various Levels of Sparring
  93. Handling Some Specific Situations
  94. Just Apply your Combat Sequences on your Opponents
  95. Some Important Points in Combat
  96. Practical Baguazhang Sequences
  97. Fascinating Baguazhang


Baguazhang is an elegant and profound martial art

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