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Some of the participants at the Intensive Chi Kung Course in Penang 2012

The videos were originally posted in Secret Pages, but are now revealed in the open. You can view the secret video clips here, but you will need a username and a password.

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  1. Entering into a Chi Kung State of Mind
  2. Some Important Questions on Chi Kung Practice
  3. The Wondrous Lifting the Sky
  4. Generating an Energy Flow
  5. Physical Mixture, Not Chemical Compound
  6. Developing Internal Force
  7. Skills are More Important than Techniques
  8. It's Energy Flow that Gives You Chi Kung Benefits
  9. Philosophy that Enriches our Practice and Daily Life
  10. Cosmic Shower
  11. Life-Changing Experiences
  12. Expanding into the Cosmos
  13. Chi Kung can be Operated at Three Main Levels


Glimpse of the Intensive Chi Kung Course

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