Iron Wire

Shaolin Iron Wire in Ireland

The Iron Wire Set is probably the most powerful internal force training method in all kungfu, but it is easy to train it wrongly. It is therefore important to learn it from a master.

How does one know that he is training the Iron Wire Set correctly? An excellent way is to check whether he obtains the effects that correct training will bring. The hallmarks of Iron Wire training are tremendous internal force and mental clarity. It normally takes a few months of correct training before a student can experience these effects.

However, due to Grandmaster Wong's superb teaching methodology and the students' foundation, they clearly obtained the hallmark effects in just two days of the course. They then applied the internal force and mental clarity in sparring against opponents using other martial arts.

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  1. The Awesome Iron Wire Set
  2. Iron Wire against Boxing
  3. Iron Wire against Kick-Boxing
  4. Iron Wire against Muay Thai


Glimpse of Iron Wire Course
Iron Wire Set in Picture Series

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