Wing Choon

Grandmaster Wong applying "tan sau" against Angles' upper-cut

"Shui Ta" means "Miscellaneous Fighting". At the two-day Wing Choon course in Barcelona on 6th and 7th May 2014, Grandmaster Wong taught course participants how to develop internal force and to apply its techniques for fighting, especially against, Boxers, Kick-Boxers, Miay Thai fighters and Grapplers.

As it is fundamental in all kungfu lessons in Shaolin Wahnam, the set can also be employed to generate an energy flow to overcome pain and illness, and to contribute to good health, vitality and longevity.

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  1. Developing Internal Force
  2. Flowing Force and Consolidated Force
  3. Guarding against Jabs and Crosses
  4. Cover Hands against Upper Cuts
  5. Mirror Hand against Upper Cuts
  6. Finger Thrust against Hooks
  7. Class Practice (1)
  8. Class Practice (2)
  9. Safe against Any Boxing Attack
  10. Counters against Boxers

  11. Class Practice (3)
  12. Counters at Different Points
  13. Class Practice (4)
  14. Cover and Chase
  15. Class Practice (5)
  16. Adequate Coverage
  17. Tan Sau against Upper Cuts
  18. Intercepting an Upper Cut
  19. Counters against Kicks
  20. Break Fall

  21. Felling Techniques
  22. Countering Round-House Kicks
  23. Countering Various Kicks
  24. Class Practice (6)
  25. Off-Balancing Opponents
  26. Soft Landing
  27. Countering Throws
  28. Releasing Grips
  29. Class Practice (7)
  30. Wing Choon Shui Ta Set

  31. Muay Thai Attacks
  32. Against Knee Jabs
  33. Counters against Muay Thai
  34. Falling Back
  35. Angry Bull Charges at Fence
  36. Counters against the Shoot
  37. Pressing Attack
  38. Class Practice (8)

Wing Choon Shui Ta or Miscellaneous Fighting

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