Chi Kung State of Mind

"Chi Kung State of Mind"

Question 1

I am reaching out to you because my friend who loves your writing and is learning qigong is starting to concern me a little bit.

— Matthew, USA


Thank you for speaking of your friend who has great interest in my work. It is true that most people who practice chi kung do not enter into a chi kung state of mind. It is also true that most people do not realize it. Some think that by practicing the masters' art they are doing chi kung a great service.

Indeed it is true that most people who practice chi kung do not enter into a chi kung state of mind. Entering into a chi kung state of mind, or in Western terms, entering into higher level of consciousness, is very important. Most people do not realize this important fact.

Most people fail to realize the important fact of entering into higher consciousness. They honestly think that to practice chi kung is performing physical gentle exercise which they can learn from books, videos or emails. Hence many practitioners learn on their own.

Because of my years of experience, it is easy to enter higher consciousness. Students who attend my Intensive Chi Kung Courses do so in the first half hour!

I did not know about entering into higher consciousness during my student's days. I learned it gradually during my teaching, which was more than 40 years ago. At that time during my early teaching, I took 6 months to complete a course. It was very fast. Many successful practitioners today take years. But I have improved tremendously. Now I take only the first half hour in my Intensive Chi Kung Course of only a few days.

It is understandable when students to my Intensive Chi Kung Courses do not know what they learn at these courses. They learn a lot, especially what they may not learn elsewhere. If practitioners are not satisfied, they do not have to pay any fees. For example, I am now more than 75. I have good health, vitality, longevity, peak performance and spiritual joys irrespective of religion for more than 50 years.

You should check up my website for available dates. With the present world lockdown I am not sure I shall offer intensive courses, but it will be soon.

Question 2

This reminded me of an idealistic or naive comment I made to a Chief Instructor some years ago about my wish to master the Shaolin arts to which her reply was in marked contrast to Sifu's kind answer given for the benefit of the 14 year old Navid from the USA

— John, Ireland


She was a Chief Instructor I was much hurt in losing. She was indeed one of the best instructors, but she resigned out of no good reasons. I guess it was because I supported one of the instructors she disapproved.

Heart of confidence

Heart of confidence

Question 3

I feel that my Heart of Confidence was damaged somewhat by events surrounding her resignation.


My answer to Navid and my Heart of Confidence are two of my best answers I have written. They represented my sincerity in helping people. Of course I still want to help people. That was one of the main reasons why I set up Shaolin Wahnam.

Question 4

Is it right that when comparing One Finger Shooting Zen and Circulating Chi Soft Bridge, the latter is relatively slightly better for health as it is more flowing?

— Sifu Roeland Dijkema, Shaolin Wahnam Netherlands


For ordinary people, "Circulating Chi Soft Bridge" is better as it is more flowing. But for us "One-Finger Shooting Zen" and "Circulating Chi Soft Bridge" are equally good. We have come to a point where any art is beneficial. The difference is marginal.

If we want to, we can make "One-Finger Shooting Zen" just flowing, or "Circulating Chi Soft Bridge" just exploding force. It is just incredible. Nevertheless, "One-Finger Shooting Zen" is relatively more for consolidating force, and "Circulating Chi Soft Bridge" is more flowing.

Hence, at our level it is right to say that "Circulating Chi Soft Bridge" is relatively slightly better for health. But people just practice "One-Finger Shooting Zen" or "Circulating Chi Soft Bridge". Most of them practice these two exercises as physcial exercises.

Circulating Chi Soft Bridge

"Circulating Chi Soft Bridge"

Question 5

For chi kung is it correct to say that when comparing Cosmic Shower and Bone Marrow Cleansing at the Bone Level, the first is more holistic and Bone Marrow Cleansing at the Bone level more thematic?


Similarly we have come to a point where it does not matter very much whether we use "Cosmic Shower" or "Bone Marrow Cleansing" at the Bone Level. Personally I use "Cosmic Shower" more. But other people at our level may use "Bone Marrow Cleansing" at the Bone Level.

Personally I find "Cosmic Shower" more useful. In fact when I first learned "Cosmic Shower", it was meant to cleanse blockages. Later I used it to strengthen internal organs. But not many people are at our level.

Question 6

I am not sure if you can clear karmic blockage with the Small or Big Universe. Does that take a longer time as it does not naturally flow to the bones and only indirectly to the organs?


For us at our level, we can cleanse karmic blockage with the "Small Universe" and the "Big Universe". We are very special. Other people just practice them as gentle, physical exercise.

Relatively at our level "Cosmic Shower" at the bone level is more effective, but the difference is marginal. Personally I practice the "Small Universe" more than "Cosmic Shower".

Big Universe

"Big Universe"

Question 7

Is it correct to say that you cannot clear karmic blockage with Chinese medicine?


We cannot clear karmic blockage with Chinese medicine. Chinese medicine is for the phenomenal world, where karma, or cause and effect, operates.

When everything is undifferentiated, it is transcendental.

Question 8

I have read in your autobiography that you defeated all of your opponents, but I was wondering which opponent did you find the most formidable? Was that because of the art he practised mostly or because of his skill?


I defeated all opponents when I sparred with them. I was smart; I only sparred with opponents whom I knew I would beat.

But after I learned from Sifu Ho Fatt Nam, I could defeat masters and professional fighters. Then I didn't have to prove my fighting ability.

The opponents I found most formidable were my own classmates in Sifu Ho Fatt Nam's school. It was because of their skills.

When I was sparring with my sifu, Sifu Ho Fatt Nam, my sifu poked his finger to my abdomen. I could feel the pain right into my body, but my sifu didn't even notice that.

Question 9

I work in a school and though many students and quite some colleagues have caught Covid, I don't worry about the virus and can work as I have always done without fear of the virus.

Right now a vaccine is being distributed in Holland. I am thinking about taking one, as it might get me into a flight to Malaysia more easily next year when I show airport authorities that I have had a vaccin. I think any negative things from the vaccin will be flushed out by my chi flow. Is this correct?


Many students and teachers are afraid of the virus. But you are safe.

It is good to take the vaccine before you travel. Any negative things from the vaccin will be flushed out by your chi flow.

If you have any questions, please e-mail them to Grandmaster Wong via his Secretary at stating your name, country and e-mail address.



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