Horse-Riding Stance

The Horse-Riding Stance


How do we train our stance? How long per session? What if I can't bear it at first? Because for a beginner to do 2 hours is very unbearable. But what is the true period for a beginner?


All these are academic questions, which mean they are good only for intellectual discussion, and are not likely to produce practical benefits. Nevertheless, I shall answer the questions.

You train your stance, especially the Horse-Riding Stance, every morning, assuming the position described by masters. Make sure you are relaxed physically, emotionally and mentally. Start with a comfortable period per session, say a minute. Gradually increase your time of training.

When you first feel the stance unbearable, continue to bear it. When you feel it extremely unbearable, complete your training session. Nobody expects a beginner to do 2 hours of stance training. If he can remain at the Horse-riding Stance correctly for 5 minutes, he would have done remarkably well.

There is no “true” period. Some masters may advise 5 minutes, others 10, but I would advise a fresh beginner to start at a minute, which actually is not easy for many people when the Horse-Riding Stance is performed correctly. I am making this statement from years of personal experience.

The above is actually good advice. Then, why do I say these academic questions and their answers not likely to produce practical benefits. There are a few reasons, and the most important is the presumption that the students involved practise the stance regularly, and they practise correctly.

Most people do not even practise the stance regularly. They just read the answers and store them as intellectual information. Some may practise for a few days, and then stop practising.

Some, like you, may practise diligently and regularly. But when you are a beginner practising on your own, it is most likely you will practise wrongly even though you intellectually know the correct procedure and method. For example, you are likely to be tensed physically, emotionally and mentally when you know you should be relaxed.

Then, how would you get practical results? Learn stance training from a competent instructor. Once you do so, you won't ask those academic questions. If you ask, as you may sometimes do, you don't need my answers because your instructor will advise you. Even if you want my answers, without observing you in action, my answers given generally may not be suitable for your particular situations.


The Horse Stance

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