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Sifu Wong demonstrating Shaolin Kungfu


I am a beginner and I would like it very much if you could point me in the right direction on how to start, how to build up my progress in flexibility, fluidity, strength etc. I am already a bodybuilder for 7 years, so strength is not an issue for me, nor going through pain barriers.


If you are looking for a practical answer to your question of how to start Shaolin Kungfu, and how to build up your flexibility, fluidity, and strength, I would suggest you practise correctly and progressively “Lifting the Sky”, the Horse-Riding Stance, and leg stretching exercises — and nothing more — daily for at least six months.

Many people might be disappointed with the answer, but that was how most masters were made in the first six months of their kungfu career.

For a philosophical answer, I would recommend that first you read up from reliable, established sources what genuine Shaolin Kungfu is, next find a genuine Shaolin master who is willing to teach you, and then train the way he asks you to.

If you are serious about Shaolin kungfu training, by following this direction you can achieve what most others will take more than five times longer to achieve. While a lot of hard work is essential in Shaolin kungfu training, enduring pain to progress, or “punishing yourself” as practitioners in some strenuous arts call it, is regarded as silly and therefore greatly discouraged.

Pain is a symptom of energy blockage, indicating that something is wrong in the body (and mind). While there may be some muscular ache at the initial stage of the training, pain should not occur. As you progress, your prior energy blockage will be cleared and you will be full of vitality, mentally fresh and free.

These benefits — considered fantastic by those who practise exercises which actually lock up their body systems and stress their mind — are the inevitable results of genuine Shaolin kungfu training; it is not for no good reasons that Shaolin Kungfu is considered by many as the greatest martial art.


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