Sifu Wong's Personal Experience During Chi Kung Practice


Record of experience Record of experience

Hand written record of chi kung experience

A number of people have asked me what I experienced when I practiced chi kung.

While packing my old books, I came across some accounts of my personal experience written about 10 years ago. Two pieces are reproduced below, one showing how I employed chi kung to stop rain, and the other what I experienced during an exceptionally rewarding chi kung practice. They were originally not meant for publication, but written for my personal record.

11th July 1989
Stopping the Rain

Sifu Wong in Australia

Sifu Wong in 1989 in Australia

At about 4.15 pm the sky was already dark with thick rain clouds. The sun could not be seen at all. At 4.20 it started to rain heavily. The thunder roared very loudly three times. It suddenly occurred to me to try to use my chi kung to stop the rain. This was a good occasion as it was obvious from the overcast sky that the rain should continue for at least an hour.

I sat at the meditation position. I went into meditation. Then I circulated my chi in the small universal flow. Next I let my chi rise from my “bai-hui” (head) upward to the sky. I said a prayer in my heart in Chinese, and then in English, to the gods, especially the Rain God, to let the rain stop for half an hour.

A few minutes later I heard the rain subsiding. Then it stopped raining! It was about 4.30 pm.

I called my son to come upstairs to where I was (in my computer room) to find out if he could see chi radiating from me. My son, Wong Chun Nga, aged 10, has the special extraordinary ability to see chi. He told me that a thick column of chi radiated from my head upwards, and the ceiling was full of chi, and the chi was going skyward. The chi was dark green in colour.

Then I went downstairs to the front of my house to look at the sky. The sky immediately above my house was still cloudy, but it was not raining, and the clouds were clearing. The sky slightly to my left as I looked facing my house, was quite clear already; some sunlight had mildly shone through. The sky on my right and behind me was still dark. My son told me he could see my chi in the sky overhead, spreading outwards. Its colour was the same as the one he saw earlier over my head in the computer room — dark green.

I returned to my house and checked the time; it was 4.40 pm. Then I started to write this record. Half way through, I paused to give thanks to the gods, especially the Rain God.

Now it is 5.12 pm. The sky is quite clear — blue with some white clouds. On the left the sunshine is fairly bright. Above me and to my right, there are still some thin rain clouds. I can hear the faint mumble of the thunder in the distance — far, far behind my back slightly to the right if I stand facing the house. It is obvious that it is not going to rain. My son tells me that he can't see my chi in the sky now; it has dispersed in the sky.

7th September 1989
Experiencing Transcendental Reality

Sifu Wong in France

Sifu Wong in 1998 in France

On 31st August (Malaysia's national day) I went to the Jublie Park to practise my Chi Kung. I did the “Small Universe”, and then the “Big Universe”. Then I realized that I saw chi — the space about thirty feet in front of me was a haze of ether.

This etheric substance, which I think was chi, was more easily noticeable against the background of dark green vegetation. The haze of ether was quite stationary, probably because the air was quite still that morning — but the haze was vibrant, not lifeless.

I focused my eyes to the air nearby — about a foot in front. I saw bubbles in the sky! I guessed that was the molecular structure of the air — or of energy!

The next morning I went to the park again to practise Chi Kung. As I stood in a meditative state of mind, I thought I saw about thirty feet before me tiny drops of rain falling from the sky. On closer observation, I found that they were not tiny raindrops of water, but were tiny raindrops of chi! It was fascinating! A thin cascade of energy was coming down the sky like sparse, tiny drops of rain.

The cascade of energy was also like mist. this reminded me of a Chinese description: also like tiny raindrops, also like mist. I think this poetic description was used by a mystic or Chi Kung master to describe his experience of chi.


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