Jean Kay
Shaolin Wahnam Canada

Excellent host

The chameleon as an excellent host when my family visited Sifu in Malaysia. From left: Sifu, Simu, Siew Foong, Chun Yian, Kay, Peter, Chun Nga and Jean

This man called Wong Kiew Kit is a chameleon of sorts. He carries the same name with him as he teaches us all and yet he presents differently to each of us.

My sifu is not on a pedestal. I would never do that to him as I have too high a regard for him. No, he is just as human as each of us and this is a point which is so important to remember. I need to keep this point in my mind always so that I know that what he has is attainable.

He has hopes and dreams and failures and successes. The difference falls in how he meets these situations. He does not run from them or fuss, worry or hide. He assesses the situation and then plots his course of action. As a scholar-warrior, he deals with each situation as one who is prepared to carry out and carry through what is required to see the situation through to fruition. He takes the promises he has made to himself very seriously. He simply sees things in chi flow and we fall out of chi flow regularly.

When a situation occurs which we would view as negative, he doesn't shun the situation or pretend that it isn't happening. He is a scholar in that he uses the situation to learn. He assesses how he has been expending his energy to see if he has lowered his defences in any area so as to open his chi field. Then as a warrior, he carries out what needs to be done to raise himself to a level where this situation is not repeated. All situations are learning opportunities to him. We are polar and dualistic. We see good and bad but he sees the chi moving him in an ever positive flow.

Loving husband and father

The chameleon as a loving husband and father when Sifu's family visited us in Canada. From left: Chun Yian, Siew Foong, Sifu, Simu, Jean, Kay and Wei Foong

Now again, with this posting we get to see the man, who some might say was foolish to trust and then found himself in a situation where he was betrayed. That is his human side. The ever practicing Shaolin master allows us to learn from his current practice and from his past experiences so that we may grow ever faster. We get to see the sifu who does not speak badly of the others but rather states the situation very factually in order for us to learn from it.

We are also human, and, as such, must be ever cautious of betraying the honour of the Shaolin arts. It is no easy task to be ever mindful of our actions and our words and yet we must as we are being given a gift that is so precious to hand on to future generations. We must work as a network of positive chi to accept this gift from our sifu.

When one slips, we need to accept the information from sifu or another of sifu's students when they remind us how to stay within the Shaolin family and move back into the very present chi flow. We must remember that from time to time we are not able to see the chameleon who is always trying to teach us and push us every higher. We need to thank our fellow students and become once again aware of our sifu.

Why am I writing this, you might ask. My wish is to point out that when we create cracks in the cohesive nature of the Shaolin family, we are hurting ourselves as we pull out of this incredible, diversified and magnificent chi field known as the Shaolin Wahnam family of Sifu Wong Kiew Kit.

Best as always,
January 16, 2005


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