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How would attaining a high level of skill and proficiency in Marvelous Fist, Golden Bell and Art of Lightness improve the work and results of an energy healer when working with their clients?

Sifu Claudien Scicluna, Malta


The answer can be "yes" or "no".

Generally, attaining a high level of skills and proficiency in Marvelous Fist, Golden Bell and Art of Lightness does not improve the work and results of an energy healer when working with his clients.

Both in the past and at present, Marvelous Fist, Golden Bell and Art of Lightness on one hand, and chi kung healing on the other are different skills, and their practitioners work in different disciplines. Marvelous Fist, Golden Bell and Art of Lightness belong to the realm of martial arts, whereas chi kung healing belongs to the realm of medicine and health care.

Although many kungfu masters in the past knew kungfu medicine, i.e. treatment of injuries related to falling and being hit, but it is not so nowadays, most martial artists were not, and are not, concerned with healing. On the other hand, most healers, including Western trained doctors, were not, and are not concerned with martial arts. Some healers, including doctors, may practice martial arts, but they do not relate the martial arts to their professional work.

Even in the past, to have a chance to learn Marvelous Fist, Golden Bell or Art of Lightness was a rare opportunity. But these high-level masters who succeeded in these rare arts, did not engage in healing.

As a hypothetical example, if they were sick, which actually almost never happened, they would have to take medication. They would not know energy flow to flush out their sickness. If they were injured, which rarely happened because of their high-level martial skills, they would also have to take medication. Some very high-level masters might be able to transmit energy to their disciples to clear injuries, but this was rare.

I do not mean to be presumptuous, but we have brought chi kung healing to an exceptionally high level. We claim, and we have a lot of evidence to support our claim, that chi kung healing can overcome any illness, including so-called incurable diseases like cancer, heart problems, rheumatism, diabetes, viral infection, depression, anxiety, phobia and many others.

It is not easy to determine how successful was chi kung healing in overcoming such diseases in the past as these diseases are in Western terms, and traditional Chinese medicine, now as well as in the past, call the same diseases by different names.

For example, someone suffering from what Western medicine calls high blood pressure would be described differently in traditional Chinese medical terms. Depending on what caused the illness, the disease is described differently, but high blood pressure is usually described as excessive rising yang energy from the liver.

While high blood pressure is considered “incurable” in conventional Western medicine, if a Chinese trained doctor succeeds in helping his patient reduce the rising yang energy from the liver, the patient would recover. The doctor may use different therapeutic methods, like herbs, acupuncture, massage and chi kung therapy.

In my early years of chi kung healing, I had some difficulty describing the treatment of cancer because there was no record of cancer treatment in traditional Chinese medicine in the past. For a time I even wondered whether cancer existed in China in the past, but later I discovered that there was no mention of cancer because the Chinese described the same disease differently.

As an analogy, because of our Western education, we classify food as proteins, carbohydrates and fats. But the traditional Chinese do not classify food this way. They classify food as hot and cold. Classifying food as proteins, carbohydrates and fats, or as hot and cold, is a paradigm, a special way of looking at things, and not a statement of absolute truth. In other words, it is not absolutely true that food must be classified as proteins, carbohydrates and fats, or as hot and cold. It is just a way of looking at things.

In the same way, classifying an illness as cancer, high blood pressure or viral infection is a paradigm, not a statement of absolute truth. Traditional Chinese medicine uses a different paradigm, and classifies illness differently, usually according to physiological or psychological causes. If the physiological or psychological causes are overcome, patients recover. Hence, there is no such a thing as an incurable disease in traditional Chinese medicine.

The paradigm used in chi kung healing is even more simple and more effective. Chi kung healers look at illness as yin-yang disharmony, and the cause of yin-yang disharmony is energy blockage. If chi kung healers succeed in helping their patients clear the energy blockage, the patients will recover.

It is so simple, and so beautiful, and I have applied this principle in helping countless people regain good health. However, those used to the conventional paradigm that “incurable’ diseases are incurable, find it hard to believe, and may think it is a big joke. Moreover, the low level of chi kung healing generally available to the public today, render this claim ridiculous.

Hence, we in Shaolin Wahnam are in an elite position. Not only we have access to both the highest martial arts and the highest level of chi kung healing, but also we are able to benefit from the transference of one discipline to another, whereas even masters in the past might be unable to. In other words, if we have attained a high level of skills and proficiency in Marvelous Fist, Golden Bell and Art of Lightness, we can definitely improve the work and results of chi kung healing.

There are two important reasons why we can do so, namely the magic of energy flow and our understanding of the underlying philosophy.

Marvelous Fist, Golden Bell and Art of Lightness are very advanced arts, and demand a high level of energy management. This high level of energy management will improve our work and results as energy healers.

But why did masters of Marvelous Fist, Golden Bell and Art of Lightness in the past, and who were of a higher level than us, could not improve their work and results of chi kung healing? In the first place, they were normally not chi kung healers. Secondly, they did not understand the underlying philosophy of these separate disciplines. Thirdly, they did not have energy flow.

Energy flow is crucial. It acts as a link between these two disciplines. In other words, even when masters of these very high-level arts have a lot of energy, if they do not have energy flow, they are unable to transfer the tremendous amount of energy from these arts to chi kung healing.

Moreover, even if they have a lot of energy and know energy flow, though in practice many masters do not, they are unable to improve their work and results in chi kung healing if they do not know the underlying philosophy.

In theory, the reverse can also be true. In other words, if chi kung healers are very high-level in their healing, they can also use their energy to improve their performance of Marvelous Fist, Golden Bell and Art of Lightness – provided they know energy flow and the underlying philosophy as well as have the abilities of these very advanced arts. But in practice, this is not so. It is because the amount of energy needed for these very advanced arts is much more than that for chi kung healing.

As a rough analogy, if you have money to buy a house, a farm or a car in Europe, you can also buy a mansion, an estate or a plane in the United States – provided you can convert euros to dollars and know where and how to buy these goods. But in practice, it may not be so, because the money needed to buy a mansion, an estate or a plane is much more than that for buying a house, a farm or a car.

72 Shaolin Arts

It may be hard to believe, but chi flow can overcome any illness as a matter of course

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