small universe

A Cosmic Shower class at UK Summer Camp


During the Fukushima nuclear accident in Japan you told us that practicing Small Universe is excellent against radiation hazards. Could you tell us why some skills like Small Universe are better suited than other chi kung exercises for such purpose?

Sifu Omar Iversen


The Small Universe is excellent against radiation hazards because it is not only excellent for cleansing but also excellent for building. The Small Universe cleanses and builds at the same time. It cleanses away radiation hazards, and builds cells that are damaged by radiation. The process goes on indefinitely. It means that as soon as there is harm from radiation, it cleanses away the harm, and immediately builds the body to be strong again.

In the Small Universe, chi flows along the Ren Meridian and the Du Meridian. As the Ren Meridian and the Du Meridian are the seas of chi, chi will flow throughout the whole body. Hence when a person practices the Small Universe, he sets both the cleansing process and the building process to go on continuously.

Besides the Small Universe, another excellent chi kung exercise against radiation hazards is Cosmic Shower. Like the Small Universe, Cosmic Shower cleanses and builds the body constantly. The difference is that the Small Universe flows along the Ren Meridian and the Du Meridian, and subsequently the whole body, Cosmic Shower flows from the head down to the feet.

Hypothetically, if a chi kung exercise just cleanses or just builds, it will not be as effective. If it just cleanses, the practitioner’s body is already weakened by radiation. If the exercise just builds, the harmful cells may not be drained away. But chi kung, especially in our school, cleanses and builds at the same time, though there may be more emphasis on cleansing or on building. Self-Manifested Chi Movement, for example, emphasizes on cleansing. Sinew Metamorphosis emphasizes on building.

Hence, any genuine chi kung exercises are good against radiation hazards, but the Small Universe and Cosmic Shower are particularly excellent. Performing gentle physical exercise using chi kung techniques, which most people are doing, does not have beneficial effects.

The questions and answers are reproduced from the thread 10 Questions on Small and Big Universe in the Shaolin Wahnam Discussion Forum.