Tiger-Crane Sparring

Combat Sequences from Tiger-Crane Set — Sequence 1

Combat Sequences 1 to 16 provide you with the basis of combat application. In other words, if you are fluent with these sequences, you would be able to handle any forms of striking, kicking, felling and gripping attacks. Then you can progress to more sophisticated patterns, which you can take from your specialized sets like Tiger-Crane, Five Animals and Dragon Style.

This video clip, taken at random during the Special Shaolin Kungfu Course in Toronto in 2003 shows such a transition. After learning the Tiger-Crane Set, Eugene and David work out between themselves how to apply patterns from the set to overcome various combat situations. As this is the first combat sequence from the specialized set, the combat situations chosen are relatively simple, namely strikes and kicks, and they follow closely the structures of the earlier basic sequences.

David initiates the attacks with patterns from the set, like “Black Tiger Steals Heart” and “Single-Legged Crane”, and Eugene responds with patterns like “Black Tiger Emerges from Cave” and “Tame Tiger with Beads”. Eugene incorportates a sophisticated pattern, “Hungry Crane Searches for Prawns”, and David counters with “False Leg Hand Sweep”.

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Combat Sequences from Tiger-Crane -- Sequence 1 from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.


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