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Free Sparring at Regional Class — Part 2

Free sparring today, unfortunately, is quite brutal and aggressive, routinely resulting in the practitioners being injured. This is an irony because the very aim of practicing a martial art is to learn how to prevent oneself from being injured in combat, and free sparring is a standard mean to test how effectively he has practiced the martial art.

Actually, if properly conducted, free sparring should be free from injury, and can be fun as well as a good mean to develop character. This video clip shows participants to the regional Shaolin Kungfu course held in England in July 2005 practicing free sparring.

It is heartening to note that all of them could use kungfu patterns for free sparring, although some of the participants have not practiced Shaolin Kungfu before. More significant, there was much laughter and comradeship among the participants. Their attitude is not one of outdoing the other person but that of helping each other.

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Fred Sparring at Canterbury Shaolin Kungfu Course 2005 -- Part 2 from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.


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