Fragrant Fox

This novelette, still unpublished, was written about 40 years ago 1n the 1980s. Those attending the Valentine Kungfu Courses 2018 on the Shaolin Pakua Set will find the novelette particularly interesting as there are accounts of combat sequences from the Pakua Set.

  1. Persian Scarlet
  2. The Perfect Detective
  3. An Opalescent Pearl in a Dark Night
  4. A Picture of a Fox
  5. Important Clues were Deducted
  6. The Left Handed Lady Kungfu Expert
  7. No-Shadow Kick
  8. What is your Dearest Wish?
  9. Expression of the Bodhisattva's Spirit
  10. It's Also My First Time
  11. A Beautiful Girl in a Tea House
  12. Butterfly Palms
  13. Stupid Horse
  14. A Beautiful Night Indeed
  15. A Tiger-Tail Kick
  16. The Romantic Knight
  17. A Girl from Szechuan
  18. The Jade-Plum in a Red Shoe

To be Continued


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