Shaolin Tantui

A signature pattern in Shaolin Tantui

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  1. The Secrets of Internal Force Training
  2. Experiencing the Effects of Deviated Practice
  3. Basic Footwork Training
  4. From Correct Movement to Speed and Elegance
  5. Various Ways of Turning
  6. Adding Hand Forms to Stances to Form Patterns
  7. Mechanics of Fa-Jing or Explode Force
  8. Bo-Fa and Shen-Fa, or Footwork and Body-Movement
  9. Three Harmonies of Legs, Body and Hands
  10. Tantui Sequence 1 -- Thrust Punch

  11. The Three Fs -- Form, Force Flow
  12. Every Kungfu Session is a Training of Energy and Mind
  13. Simple in Appearance but Profound in Application
  14. If You Use a Lot of Kicks, You should also Know their Counters
  15. It is Necessary to have an Element of Threat in Combat
  16. Felling Opponent as He Executes Knee Strikes
  17. Against Shoot, Against Throws, and Felling Opponents
  18. Learning Tantui Sequences 1, 2 and 3
  19. Learning Tantui Sequences 4, 5 and 6
  20. Learning Tantui Sequences 7, 8 and 9

  21. Learning Tantui Sequences 10, 11 and 12
  22. Applications of Single Spread and Breaking Lock
  23. Breaking almost any Lock with Breaking Lock Technique
  24. Richness of Tantui Combat Applications
  25. Second Brother and White Horse
  26. Effective Sequence against Boxers
  27. Three Harmonies in Tantui Combat Sequence 1
  28. White Horse Returns Head
  29. Adjustments and Modifications in Varied Situations
  30. Effective Techniques against Boxers

  31. Combat Skills against Boxers
  32. Tactics of Covering and Chasing against Boxers
  33. Unbelievable Effectiveness of Tantui Combat Sequence 1
  34. Old Elephant Drops Tusk in Tantui Combat Sequence 2
  35. Rising Dragon Galloping Tiger
  36. Combining Sequences in Combat Training
  37. Importance of Skills in Applying Combat Sequences
  38. Some Effective Skills for Combat
  39. Three Rings Around Moon in Tanui Combat Sequence 3
  40. Applying Chin-Na and Countering Chin-Na

  41. Solo Performance to Enhance Combat Efficiency
  42. Simple in Solo Performance, Profound in Combat Application
  43. Counter against Formidable Muay Thai Knee Jabs
  44. Felling an Opponents Without Throwing Them
  45. Tantui Combat Sequences 1, 2 and 3
  46. Chopping Firewood and Hook-Thrust
  47. Technique of Double Spread in Carry Moon in Bosom
  48. Combat Sequences 4, 5 and 6 in Solo Practice and Partner Combination
  49. Sounding Bell to Handle Fast, Continuous Strikes
  50. Using a Nail Kick to Counter a Whirlwind Kick

  51. Cloud Hand and Horn Punch against Chin-Na and Thrust Strike
  52. A Little Jump as a Trick
  53. Striking Opponent with Shooting Spear Before he Realizes
  54. Technique to Counter Chin-Na or Gripping Attack
  55. Hand TechniqueS to Counter Hand Strikes, and leg TechniqueS to Counter Low Kicks
  56. Amazing Combat Funtioncs in Combat Sequences 7, 8 and 9
  57. Countering any Attacks and Tempting Opponents into a Trap
  58. Continuous Attacks of Combat Sequence 10
  59. Pressing Attacks with Continuous Spring Kicks
  60. Picture-Perfect Form in Planed Sequence of Pressing Attacks

  61. Two Sophisticated Felling Techniques in Combat Sequence 11
  62. Arresting Horse and Kicking Carriage
  63. Taming Tiger and Striking Rock
  64. Solo Practice of Combat Sequences 10, 11 and 12
  65. Tantui Patterns in Free Sparring, especially against Boxing
  66. Questions and Answers, and Handling Kick-Boxing

Shaolin Tantui

Combat application of Shaolin Tantui

You can also view all the videos above in more details here


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