Improving Combat Efficiency
Improving Combat Efficiency

Many kungfu practitioners attempt to use kungfu techniques in free sparring. When their opponent attacks, they think of what kungfu techniques to use against the attack. They fail to realize that to be combat competent they need to have prior training, and not to respond haphazardly. For convenience, we call this sparring at the haphazard level.

The next level is sparring at the technique level. Here, a kungfu practitioner responds to a particular combat situation in a prepared manner using an appropriate kungfu technique. An effective way to achieve this is practicing “san sau” or “miscellaneous techniques”. For example, a sparring partner may attack with a strike, a kick, a throw or a grip, and the exponent responds accordingly using a pre-chosen, appropriate kungfu technique. This is sometimes called “one-step sparring”.

In real fights, combatants do not normally stop at one attack or defence; they usually execute series of attacking or defending movements. A knowledgeable and skilful exponent can often predict possible series of movements his opponents would use. Hence, he can prepare and practice series of appropriate counters beforehand. This is sparring at the sequence level.

Obviously, if your opponent fights haphazardly but you use appropriate techniques, you would be a more efficient fighter than he is. If your opponent uses individual techniques but you use combat sequences, you would be more combat efficient.

Then, why do most kungfu practitioners today fight haphazardly? Why don't they use kungfu techniques or combat sequences? The answer is actually straight-forward. Most of them do not even realize this philosophy. Even if they realize it, they lack the methodology to do so.

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