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Videos of the kungfu sets practiced in Shaolin Wahnam arranged in alphabetical order can be accessed here

A complementary page, "A Treasure House of Combat Application", can be accessed here.

Fundamental sets are those practiced by all students of Shaolin Kungfu or Wahnam Taijiquan. They are sets in the Shaolin Kungfu and Wahnam Taijiquan core syllabuses. Selective sets are those chosen by students in both the Shaolin Kungfu group and the Wahnam Taijiquan group in regional or special courses.

Here is a list of the kungfu sets in the Shaolin Wahnam School:

Four Gates Fundamental

Shaolin Kungfu

Lohan Asks the Way
Black Tiger Steals Heart
Fierce Tiger Speeds through Valley
Happy Bird Hops up Branch
Fell Tree with Roots
Cross-Roads at Four Gates
Flowing Water Staff
Plum Flower Sabre


Cloud Hands
White Snake Shoots Venom
Green Dragon Shoots Pearl
Black Bear Sinks Hips
Carry Tiger Back to Mountain
Flowing Water Floating Clouds
Wudang Sword
Taiji Sabre

triple stretch Selective Sets


12 Sequences of Tantui
36 Specific Techniques Set
50 Sequences of Eagle Claw
108-Pattern Yang Style Taijiquan
Abridged San Feng Wudang Set
Cham Kiew
Cloud Hands Grasp Sparrow
Cosmos Palm
Dragon Form
Dragon in Zen

Dragon Strength
Drunken Eight Immortals
Eight Mother Palms (Circle Walking) of Baguazhang
Eighteen Collection of Praying Mantis
Er Shi Quan (Twenty Punches)
Essence of Shaolin
Fierce Tiger Descends Mountain
Eighteen-Lohan Set
Five Animals

drunken eight immortals
Five Element Continuous Fist of Xingyiquan
Flower Set Little Lohan Fist
Lohan Tames Tiger
Lohan Walks in the Garden of Timelessness
Monkey Set
Old Eagle Catches Snake
Phew Chee
San Feng Wudang Set
San Zhan of Wuzuquan

Seven-Star Set
Single Tiger Emerges from Cave
Shaolin 36 Leg Techniques
Shaolin 72 Chin-Na Technique Set/a>
Shaolin Iron Wire
Shaolin Pakua Set
Shaolin Taming the Tiger
Shi Zhan of Wuzuquan
Shui Ta Siu Lin Tou

Swimming Dragon of Baguazhang
Ti Jiao (Kicking Leg)
Tiger-Crane -- 36-Pattern Set
Tiger-Crane -- 72-Pattern Set
Tiger-Crane -- 108-Pattern Set
Triple Stretch Set
Twelve Animal-Form Continuous Fist of Xingyiquan
Twelve Fists of Choy-Li-Fatt
Wudang Cotton Palm
Wudang Taijiquan
Wudang Three-Harmony Set 2016
Yellow Bee Sucks Pollens

taiji staff

Butterfly Knives
Crescent Moon Guan Dao
Fifth Brother Octagon Staff Taiji Staff
Taming-Tiger Trident
Three-Sectional Soft Whip
Thirteen-Technique Spear
Traveling Dragon Crescent Moon Spear
Traveling Dragon Sword
Taiji Sabre
Through-Cloud Umbrella


Kungfu Sets in Grandmaster Wong's repertoire but not yet taught in Shaolin Wahnam Institute.


Crushing Fist of Praying Mantis
Sun Style Taijquan
Wu Chuan You Style Taijiquan
Wu Yu Xiang Style Taijiquan


Six-and-Half-Point Staff
Chin Wah Staff
Damo Crescent Moon Spade
Taiji Spear

shaolin umbrella Found in DVD

The following kungfu sets, including some rare sets, are found in the DVD that accompanies Grandmaster Wong's autobiography, "The Way of the Master"

108-Point Staff
Big Bell Lohan
Battle Axe
Continuous Double Daggers
Double Rods
Double Sabres
Flag-Waving Big Staff
Golden-Legume Hammer
Great Majestic Set
Six-Harmony Staff
Snake-Headed Lance
Throat Seeking Spear

A complementary page, "A Treasure House of Combat Application", can be accessed here.

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