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(Siu Lam Loong Khuen)

Demonstrated by Sifu Wong Kiew Kit
Grandmaster of Shaolin Wahnam


Shaolin Dragon Form Set

Please note that the names of the patterns in Chinese pronunciation and Chinese characters are found at the bottom of the webpage

“Shaolin “Shaolin
1 Dragon and Tiger Appear
2 Two Tigers at Ready

“Shaolin “Shaolin
3 Double Dragons Emerge from Sea
4 Lohan Asks the Way

“Shaolin “Shaolin
5 Swimming Dragon Plays with Water
6 Swimming Dragon Plays with Water

“Shaolin “Shaolin
7 Green Dragon Shoots Pearl
8 Move Body Little Jump

“Shaolin “Shaolin
9 Submerged Dragon Subdues Sea Monster
10 Comet Chases Away Moon

“Shaolin “Shaolin
11 Comet Chases Away Moon
12 Old Dragon Squats on Ground

“Shaolin “Shaolin
13 Old Dragon Squats on Ground
14 Black Panter Rushes at Food

“Shaolin “Shaolin
15 Dragon Rises Tiger Leaps
16 Fierce Tiger Speeds through Valley

“Shaolin “Shaolin
17 Dragon Manifests Miraculous Majesty
18 Second Brother Chops Rock

“Shaolin “Shaolin
19 Dragon Manifests Miraculous Majesty
20 Second Brother Chops Rock

“Shaolin “Shaolin
21 Separate Leaves Search Flowers
22 Black Tiger Steals Heart

“Shaolin “Shaolin
23 Fierce Tiger Speeds through Valley
24 One Finger Shoots Zen

“Shaolin “Shaolin
25 One Finger Shoots Zen
26 Golden Dragon Circulates Pillar

“Shaolin “Shaolin
27 Old Dragon Looks at Sun
28 Bar the Big Boss

“Shaolin “Shaolin
29 Single Strike Bell Sounds
30 Single Strike Bell Sounds

“Shaolin “Shaolin
31 Dark Phoenix Nods Head
32 Dark Phoenix Nods Head

“Shaolin “Shaolin
33 Cannon Punch Towards Sky
34 Cannon Punch Towards Sky

“Shaolin “Shaolin
35 White Crane Flaps Wings
36 White Crane Flaps Wings

“Shaolin “Shaolin
37 Dark Dragon Draws Water
38 Dark Dragon Draws Water

“Shaolin “Shaolin
39 Angry Leopard Charges at Fire
40 Angry Leopard Charges at Fire

“Shaolin “Shaolin
41 Dragon Manifests Miraculous Majesty
42 Second Brother Chops Rock

“Shaolin “Shaolin
43 Dragon and Tiger Appear
44 Two Tigers at Ready

“Shaolin “Shaolin
45 Focus Chi at Dan Tian
46 Flowing Breeze Swaying Willows

A video clip of the set demonstrated by Sifu Wong can be found here

Other video clips of the set can be accessed here

Names of Patterns, Chinese (Cantonese) Pronunciation and Chinese Characters

Dragon Form Set
Dragon Form Set
Dragon Form Set

The names of the patterns, the Chinese (Cantonese) pronunciation and the Chinese characters are provided by Sifu Michael Chow of Shaolin Wahnam Canada. We wish to thank Sifu Michael Chow for his splendid effort.