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How do you apply this principle of "All healing starts from the heart" in helping people overcome diseases?

— Pio, Italy


I always apply this principle, especially with patients suffering from serious so-called incurable diseases like cancer and cardiovascular disorders.

There are three steps.

The first step is to convince the patients that it is worthwhile for them to live. How well a healer can convince his patients is an art. If he just tells them to live, it may not be successful as they have suffered so much pain that they may prefer to die. But finding that the patients have dependent children, telling them to live for the sake of their children could be more successful.

The next step is to convince the patients that the healing they are going to receive from me will help them overcome their diseases. There are two ways, and I often use both ways. First I give them examples of other people suffering from the same diseases cured by me. Then I explain how and why the treatment will overcome their diseases.

Once I succeed in these two steps, the patients have begun their healing from their heart. The third step, implementing the healing procedure, becomes easy.

I have helped countless people overcome so-called incurable diseases. Success lies in the first two steps. Recovery becomes a matter of course because from the chi kung perspective, every disease can be cured.

Yet, with hindsight, I believe that the most powerful factor is my conviction that the patients can be cured, which they can readily pick up non-verbally from me.

The above is taken from Question 2 December 2012 Part 1 of the Selection of Questions and Answers.


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