Shaolin Five-Animal Set

Grandmaster Wong demonstrating the Shaolin Five-Animal Set

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Kungfu Sets

While a kungfu set is mainly used for demonstration in many other schools, in Shaolin Wahnam it serves many useful purposes, such as:

Please Note: The Weapon Sets are found here.

36-Specific-Technique Set

36-Specific-Technique Set

This set was composed from 36 Specific Techniques taught by Grandmaster Wong in Venna in 2017. It is a development from the set found here

Video 2017
Pictures 2017

Crushing Fist of Praying Mantis Kungfu

Crushing Fist

Crushing Fist is a fundamental set of Praying Mantis Kungfu. It is famous for pressing attack. focuses on "hard" force.

Video 2017
Pictures 2017

Wudang Cotton Palm

Cotton Palm

There are two categories of Cotton Palm -- the soft and the hard. Wudang Cotton Palm belongs to the soft category.

Video 2016
Pictures 2016

Three-Harmony Set

Three-Harmony Set

This set comprises the essence of Taijiquan, Baguazhang and Xingyiquan.


Cosmos Palm

Cosmos Palm

It is called Cosmos Palm because energy for its internal force is derived from the Cosmos.


Sun Style Taijiquan

Wu Chuan You Style Taijiquan

Sun Style Taijiquan contains the essence of not only Taijiquan but also Baguazhang and Xingyiquan. Can you find Baguazhang and Xingyiquan features in this Taijiquan set?


Wu Chuan You Style Taijiquan

Wu Chuan You Style Taijiquan

There are two Wu Styles Taijiquan, one from the lineage of Wu Yu Xiang and the other from the lineage of Wu Chuan You. This is Wu Chuna You Style Taijiquan, and is similar to Yang Style Taijiquan.


48-Pattern Taijiquan Set

48-Pattern Taijiquan

This 48-Pattern Taijiquan Set was created by the National Sports Council of China in 1976, and composed of techniques from Yang Style, Chen Style, the two Wu Styles, and Sun Style. Although this set is not taught in our school, it is explained in Grandmaster Wong's book, "The Complete Book of Tai Chi Chuan". A completely revised edition with explanation of all major Taijiquan styles will be published this year (2016).

Combat Application

Wu Yu Xiang Style Taijiquan Set

Wu Yu Xiang Style Taijiquan

Besides Wudang Taijiquan, there are five major styles of Taijiquan practiced today, namely Chen Style, Yang Style, two Wu Styles, and Sun Style. The set here is Wu Yu Xiang Style Taijiquan, and is noted for its narrow stances. This Wu Style is sometimes called the Hao Style.


Shaolin 36 Leg Techniques

Shaolin 36 Leg Techniques

Many close secrets are found in the Shaolin 36 Leg Techniques.


Dragon in Zen

Dragon in Zen

One can attain a high level of meditation by performing a kungfu set. This set was created by Grandmaster Wong for this purpose.


Northern Shaolin Seven-Star Set

Seven-Star Set

It is a flowing set from Northern Shaolin excellent for the small-size against bigger and stronger opponents.


Essence of Shaolin

Essence of Shaolin

The Essence of Shaolin is the treasure of Uncle Righteousness. This set comprises the best of Shaolin techniques for combat.

Essence of Shaolin --Video
Essence of Shaolin -- Pictures
Essence of Shaolin 5th Dec 2017
Essence of Shaolin 15th Dec 2017

Shaolin 72 Chin-Na Techniques

Shaolin 72 Chin-Na Techniques

The Shaolin 72 Chin_Na Techniques are top secrets, but to preserve them for posterity Grandmaster Wong has decided to revealed them. Because of the long history of Shaolin Kungfu, there are different versions of the 72 Techniques. Those shown in videos below are practiced in Shaolin Wahnam.

To enable practitioners to remember the 72 techniques well, Grandmaster Wong has linked them into a set. To enable practitioners to remember the 72 combat sequences of the 72 techniques well, Grandmaster Wong has linked the sequences into 7 sets, with each set comprising of 10 sequences, and the last set of 12 sequences.

Chin-Na Set in Video 2015
Chin-Na Set in Pictures 2015
Kungfu Sets of Chin-Na Techniques 2015
Overview of Chin-Na Sequence-Sets
72 Chin-Na Techniques 2008
Shaolin 72 Chin-Na Sequences

Eighteen-Lohan Fist

San Zhan

The Eighteen-Lohan Fist was evolved from the Eighteen Lohan Hands.

Little Lohan Fist 2014
Eighteen-Lohan Fist 2014
Eighteen Lohan Fist 2016

Dragon-Strength Chi-Circulation Set


Dragon-Strength is Grandmaster Wong's specialty. The set can be very fast and powerful.

Dragon Strength -- Video 2014
Dragon Strength -- Video 1980s
Original Version 2014 as Grandmaster Wong Learned the Set form Uncle Righteousness
Dragon Strength -- Picture Series

12 Sequences of Tantui

Shaolin Tantui

Tantui, the essence of Northern Shaolin, is famous for leg techniques.

Video by Sifu Michael Chow
Picture Series by Sifu Michael Chow
Video by Grandmaster Wong 24-30 July 2017
Video by Grandmaster Wong 30 July to 5 Aug 2017

Taming-Tiger Set


Different versions of the Taming-Tiger Set are found in a few kungfu styles, including Lohan and Wudang. The best known is from the Wong Fei Hoong's lineage.

Video 2014
Picture Series 2014
Taming Tiger Combination Set 2014
Videos - Finland 2010
Taming Tiger Combination Set 2010
Video - Australia 1980s

Tiger-Crane Set


The Tiger-Crane Set is a famous Southern Shaolin set incorporating the tiger-claw and the no-shadow kick.

Video - 36-Pattern 2017
Tiger-Crane Set by Sifu Leo 2017
Video - 36-Pattern 2014
Pictures - 36-Pattern 2014
Learning the 36-Pattern Tiger-Crane Set 2003
Video - 36-Pattern Tiger-Crane 2000
Video - 36-Pattern by Grandmaster Wong 2000
Pictures - 36-Pattern 2000
Video - 72-Pattern 2014
Pictures - 72-Pattern 2014
Video - 72-Pattern 2018
Video - 108-Pattern 2014
Pictures - 108-Pattern 2014

Shaolin Iron Wire Set


The Shaolin Wahnam version of the Iron Wire Set is inspired by the orthodox version in Wong Fei Hoong’s lineage, but is different from it .

Video - Sungai Petani 2014
Pictures - Sungai Petani 2014
Pictures - Ireland 2012
Video - Finland 2010


five element continuous fist

Xingyiquan is sometimes known as kungfu for generals.

Five-Element Continuous Fist -- Video
Five-Element Fist at UK Summer Camp 2013 -- Video
Five-Element Continuous Fist -- Pictures
Five-Element Continuous Fist 2018
Five-Element Fist Sparring Set or Five-Flower Cannon
Twelve Animal-Form Continuous Fist -- Video
Twelve Animal-Forms at UK Summer Camp 2013 -- Video
Twelve Animal-Form Continuous Fist -- Pictures
Twelve Animal-Form Sparring Set


swimming dragon baguazhang set

Baguazhang is famous for its beautiful patterns, agile movement and sophisticated applications.

Baguazhang Circle Walking
Baguazhang Combat Sequences
Swimming Dragon Baguazhang Set 2012
Swimming Dragon Baguazhang Set 2013
Swimming Dragon Baguazhang in Picture Series
64 Combat Applications of Swimming Dragon 2012
64 Palms of Swimming Dragon - Pictures 2012


San Zhan

Wuzuquan, or Five-Ancestor Kungfu, is famous for profundity in simplicity.

San Zhan by Sifu Anton Schmick
San Zhan - Videos 2014
San Zhan - Videos 2012
San Zhan - Pictures 2012
Er-Shi-Quan at Barcelona 2018
Twenty Punches - Videos 2012
Twenty Punches - Pictures 2012
Kicking Leg - Videos 2012
Kicking Leg - Pictures 2012
Wuzuquan Kneading Hands - Videos 2012
Wuzuquan Sparring Set - Videos 2012
Shi Zhan or Practical Fighting Set
Set Practice and Combat Application of Shi Zhan

108-Pattern Yang Style Taijiquan

Yang Style Taijiquan

In our Wahnam Version of the 108-Pattern Set, the main techniques are practiced both sides. Grandmaster Wong also added a few patterns from the fundamental Taijiquan Thirteen Techniques.

Videos 2013
Pictures 2013

24-Pattern Simplified Taijiquan Set -- Cloud Hands Grasp Sparrow

24-Pattern Taijiquan

This is the first Taijiquan Set taught in our school and includes all important patterns in Taijiquan.

Video by Sifu Manuel Tirado
Pictures by Sifu Manuel Tirado
Video by Grandmaster Wong
Pictures by Grandmaster Wong

Choy-Li-Fatt Twelve-Fist Set


This Choy-Li-Fatt set is very effective for free sparring with or without gloves, especially against other martial arts.

Videos 2012
Pictures 2012

Wudang Taijiquan

Wudang Taijiquan

Wudang Taijiquan represents the pinnacle of Shaolin Kungfu, integrating form, energy and mind into one unity. Zhang San Feng called his practice "Shaolin Kungfu"; "Wudang Taijiquan" was a later label.

San Feng Wudang Set in Video 2015
San Feng Wudang Set in Pictures 2015
San Feng Wudang Set in Ireland 2016
Abridged San Feng Set 2018
Wudang Taijiquan -- Videos 2012
Wudang Taijiquan -- Pictures 2012

Drunken Eight Immortals

Drunken Eight Immortals

The "Drunken Eight Immortals" is an amazing set. Some patterns may appear out of form. This is because practitioners of "drunken" kungfu often compromise their form to accomplish certain advantages, like dodging and striking simultaneously, deceptive movements, and tricking opponents.


Praying Mantis Eighteen Collection

Praying Mantis

Wang Lang, the founder of Praying Mantis, incorporated the best eighteen kungfu features of the time into this set

Praying Mantis in Bern 2010

50 Sequences of Eagle Claw

Eagle Claw

Eagle Claw Kungfu represents another important legacy from Northern Shaolin. The 50 sequences look simple but their combat applications are profound.

50 Sequences of Eagle Claw Kungfu
50 Solo Sequences of Eagle Claw
50 Combat Sequences of Eagle Claw
50 Solo (Fast and Slow) and Combat Sequences of Eagle Claw
Eagle Claw at UK Summer Camp 2009
Overview of Private Pages
Fifty Sequences of Eagle Claw -- In Groups
Fifty Sequences of Eagle Claw -- Continuously

Shaolin Flower Set

Shaolin Flower Set

The Shaolin Flower Set is a legendary set reputed to be practiced by the female Shaolin grandmaster, the Venerable Ng Mui, and the Shaolin prodigy, Fong Sai Yoke.

Videos 2011
Pictures 2011
Video 2018

Triple Stretch Set

Triple Stretch Set

It is reputed that this was the set Hoong Hei Khoon and the Venerable Sam Tuck practiced at the Shaolin Temple on Nine Lotus Mountain in south China.


Wing Choon Kungfu

Siu Lin Tou

In Choe Family Wing Choon, the fundamental set, Siu Lin Tau, which means Little Practice Beginning, can be divided into three parts. The first part is also called Siu Lin Tau, the second part is called Cham Kiew which means Searching for Bridge, and the third part is called Phew Chee which means Thrusting Fingers.

Siu Lin Tau or Little Practice Beginning
Developing Internal Force using Siu Lin Tau
Cham Kiew or Searching for Bridge
Phew Chee or Thrusting Fingers
Choe Family Wing Choon
Wing Choon Chi Sau Sets
Wing Choon Shui Ta

Lohan Walks in the Garden of Timelessness

Lohan Walks in the Garden of Timelessness

Lohan Walks in the Garden of Timelessness was composed by Grandmaster Kai Uwe to help course participants remember the patterns taught at the Warrior Project on the Blue Mountain from 15th to 18th March 2009.

Click here to download.

Shaolin Four-Sequence Four-Attack Set -- Lohan Tames Tiger Set

Four-Sequence Four-Attack Set

To introduce students to a comprehensive experience of combat application in Shaolin Kungfu, Grandmaster Wong composed 4 combat sequences, which were linked to form a set. which incorporates all the typical patterns of attacks and defence. Various versions of the set taught at different places are presented.

Lohan Tames Tiger 2008 -- Videos
Lohan Tames Tiger 2008 -- Pictures
Shaolin Four-Sequence Four-Attack Set

Taijiquan Four-Sequence Four-Attack Set -- Old Eagle Catches Snake

Taijiquan Four-Attack Set

The 12 Basic Taijiquan Combat Sequences in our school are distilled into 8 Distilled Combat Sequences, which in turn are abridged into 4 Abridged Combat Sequencees. These 4 combat sequences are linked together to form a set, called Taijiquan Four-Sequence Four-Attack Set, later renamed as Old Eagle Catches Snake.

Old Eagle Catches Snake 2009 -- Video
Old Eagle Catches Snake 2009 -- Pictures
Taijiquan Four-Sequence Four-Attack Set

Cross-Road at Four Gates

Four Gates

"Cross-Road at Four Gates" was the fundamental set practiced at the southern Shaolin Temple in Quanzhou in the 1880s. It was transmitted to us in Shaolin Wahnam by the Venerable Jiang Nan.

Old Video in 1980s
Performed by Grandmaster Wong 2014 -- Video
Performed by Grandmaster Wong 2014 -- Pictures
Performed by Grandmaster Wong 2008
Performed by Sifu Ronan
Cross-Road at Four Gates 2016
Four Gates Combination Set 1983
Four Gates Combination Set 2008 -- Part 1
Four Gates Combination Set 2008 -- Part 2
Four Gates Combination Set 2016

Shaolin Traveling Dragon Pakua Set

Shaolin Pakua Set

This Shaolin Pa Kua Set, which is from Shaolin Kungfu and not from Pa Kua Kungfu or Baguazhang, is an important classical kungfu set Grandmaster Wong learned from Grandmaster Ho Fatt Nam. It is demonstrated here by Sifu Goh Kok Hin, Grandmaster Wong's senior disciple in Malaysia, from a video in the 1980s. Many techniques used in Shaolin Wahnam today are taken from this classical kungfu set.

Shaolin Traveling Dragon Pakua Set 2018 -- Video
Old Video by Sifu Goh Kok Hin -- more
Video by Sifu Lackinger
Video by Grandmaster Wong
Picture-Series of Pakua Set 2014
Old Pictures of Pakua Set

Yellow Bee Sucks Pollens

Yellow Bee Sucks Pollens

Many Taiji practitioners today do not realize that Taijiquan is a martial art. But realizing it as a martial art is one thing, being able to practice it as a martial art is another. Many Taiji practitioners would like to be able to use their art for self-defence but have little idea of how to do so. This set, which is composed of eight Taijiquan combat sequences, helps to overcome this problem.

Yellow Bee Sucks Pollens in Videos
Yellow Bee Sucks Pollens in Pictures

Single Tiger Emerges from Cave

Single Tiger Emerges from Cave

"Single Tiger Emerges from Cave" was composed by Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit from 8 combat sequences, which were condensed from the 16 Shaolin basic combat sequences. This set helps students to overcome two big secrets concerning free sparring, and enabled students at a regional Shaolin Kungfu course in Switzerland in 2006 to use Shaolin patterns in free sparring in just three days!

Two Big Secrets
Picture Series -- More
Switzerland 2006
Free Sparring after Three Days
Secrets in Free Sparring Methodology

Lohan Asks the Way

Lohan Asks the Way

“Lohan Asks the Way” is the fundamental set in Shaolin Wahnam where students learn basic hand techniques, body adjustment and footwork. They also learn basic skills like fluidity of movements, breath control and mental focus. In other words, students are introduced to the “six harmonies” right at the start of their kungfu training.

Video 2000
Video in early 2000s
Video 2009
Picture Series
Pictures 2000

Black Tiger Steals Heart in Videos

Black Tiger Steals Heart

“Black Tiger Steals Heart” is the first of the basic combat sequence sets. It is composed of the first four basic combat sequences. The first sequence is also called “Black Tiger Steals Heart”, named after the most popular attack pattern called “Black Tiger Steals Heart” too. Hence, “Black Tiger Steals Heart” may refer to a pattern, a sequence or a set.

Video by Grandmaster Wong
Pictures by Grandmaster Wong
Video by Sifu Andrew Barnett
Video by Sifu Michael Chow
Pictures by Sifu Michael Chow
Video 2018 -- Combat Sequences 1-4

Fierce Tiger Speeds Through Valley

Fierce Tiger Speeds through Valley

This is the second combat application set for Shaolin Kungfu in our school. It extends the range of hand attacks and defence. Wherease the first combat sequence set, "Black Tiger Steals Heart" focuses on the left leg mode, this second combat second set, "Fierce Tiger Speeds through Valley", focuses on the right leg mode. The sequences here are very effective for pressing attack.

Video of Set
Pictures of Set
Video 2018 -- Combat Sequences 5-8

Happy Bird Hopes up Branch

Happy Bird

Kicking techniques are very effective in Shaolin Kungfu, but these kicks are purposely inconspicuous. There are some innate weaknesses when applying kicks which a skillful exponent must be aware of and he must also know how to neutralize them if his opponent exploits these weaknesses.

Video by Grandmaster Wong
Pictures by Grandmaster Wong
Video by Sifu Ronan Sexton
Pictures by Sifu Ronan Sexton
Video 2018 -- Combat Sequences 9-12

Felling Tree With Roots

Fell Tree with Roots

Many people are not aware that there are more felling techniques in Shaolin Kungfu than in any other martial arts! Throwing an opponent, as in Judo, is only one of numerous categories of felling an opponent to the ground. There are many felling techniques in Shaolin Kungfu whereby the exponent can fell an opponent without having to hold him.

Video 2018 -- Combat Sequences 13-16

Fierce Tiger Descends Mountain

Fierce Tiger Descends Mountain

While all the four categories of attacks are used, this set focuses on “chin-na”, or gripping vital points, using tiger-claws.

Video of Set
Pictures of Set 2014
Pictures of Set Older Photos
Pictures of Combat Application

Shaolin Five-Animal Set

Shaolin Five-Animal Set

The movements and spirit of Shaolin Kungfu are characterized by five “animals”, namely the Dragon, the Snake, the Tiger, the Leopard and the Crane. The Dragon trains “shen” which means the mind, the Snake trains “qi” which means energy, the Tiger trains “gu” which means internal force, the Leopard trains “li” which means strength and speed, and the Crane trains “jing” which means elegance and essence.

Video 2000
Video 2005
Video 2016
Combination Set

Shaolin Dragon Form Set by Sifu Wong

Shaolin Dragon Form Set

The Dragon is the most majestic of the Shaolin “five animals”, and is noted for the training of “shen” or mind. This set is not spectacular to watch, but is very effective for combat as well as developing qualities like mental freshness and agility that enhance our daily life.

Dragon Form Set 2006
Dragon Form Set 2018

Shaolin Dragon-Tiger Set

Shaolin Dragon-Tiger Set

The Dragon and the Tiger are two important forms of Shaolin Kungfu with emphasis on the training of mind and energy respectively. This set is a “pattern-set” (in contrast with a “sequence-set”) as it is made up of individual patterns rather than combat sequences. Exponents need to compose combat sequences from the patterns for effective fighting. In kungfu terminology, pattern-sets are called “mother-sets”, or seed-sets, from which “children-sets” which are sequence-sets are issued.

Dragon-Tiger Set 2006
Dragon-Tiger Set 2008
Dragon-Tiger Set in Video 2018
Dragon-Tiger Set in Pictures 2018
Performing Dragon-Tiger Set with Form and Force
Combat Application of Dragon-Tiger Set

Shaolin Monkey Set

Shaolin Monkey Set

The Shaolin Monkey Set has special significance in Shaolin Wahnam because Patriarch Ho Fatt Nam specialized in the Monkey. Grandmaster Wong combined the essence of the Monkey from Patriarch Ho Fatt Nam with another Monkey Set from another Monkey specialist.

Video by Grandmaster Wong 2006
Pictures by Grandmaster Wong 2006
Video by Sifu Roland Mastel 2005
Video by Nicolas Jones 2007
Video by Grandmaster Wong 2018
Video by Fredrick Chu 2018

Cloud Hands

Cloud Hands

This Wahanm Taijiquan set named “Cloud Hands” is a simplified form of the basic set “White Crane Flaps Wings” Yet it is comprehensive, and incorporates all important Taijiquan movements, force training and combat application!

Cloud Hands (Slow) 2015
Cloud Hands (Fast) 2015
Cloud Hands (Slow) in early 2000s
Cloud Hands (Fast) in early 2000s
Cloud Hands in Picture Series 2015

Flowing Water Floating Clouds

Flowing Water Floating Clouds

“Flowing Water Floating Clouds” focuses on Chen Style Taijiquan. Those who are used to Taijiquan as a slow, gentle exercise, may think that this is a Shaolin Kungfu set. But it is closer to the kind of Taijiquan in the past.

Video by Grandmaster Wong
Pictures by Grandmaster Wong
Video 2018
Pictures by Dr Lie Kay Ie
Combat Application in Killarney
Combat Application in Frankfurt
Routine of Combat Application Set

Basic Wahnam Taijiquan Set — White Crane Flaps Wings

White Crane Flaps Wings

This is a basic Taijiquan set in Shaolin Wahnam, and has all the movements needed for training fundamental Taijiquan skills and techniques, including practicing stances and footwork, generating energy flow, building energy at the dan tian, developing internal force, exploding force, as well as applying combat techniques for all the four categories of attack and defence.

With Force and Speed
In Slow Motion
White Crane Flaps Wings by Sifu Leo
In Pictures with Pattern Names

White Snake Shoots Venom

White Snake Shoots Venom

This is the first of the combat-application sets, and it trains hand attacks and defences. This set is composed of the following three combat sequences shown in the following video clips: "Immortal Waves Sleeves", "Low Stance Vertical Punch', and "White Snake Shoots Venom". A video clip showing the same set in some speed can be found here.

Video 2008

Green Dragon Shoots Pearl

White Snake Shoots Venom

"Green Dragon Shoots Pearl" is the second of the Wahnam Taijiquan combat application sets. It introduces kicking attacks and defences, and is composed of the following three combat sequences shown in the following video clips: "Green Dragon Shoots Pearl", "White Crane Flaps Wings", and "Striking Tiger Poise". A video clip showing the same set in some speed can be found here. (Please ignore the background music which happened to be playing while the video was taken.)

Video 2008

Black Bear Sinks Hips

White Snake Shoots Venom

"Black Bear sinks Hips" is the third combat application set in Wahnam Taijiquan. This set incorporates kicking and felling attacks and their defences. It is formed from the following three combat sequences: "Thrust Kick", "Low Stance Single Whip", and "Black Bear Sinks Hips".

Video 2008

Carry Tiger Back to Mountain

White Snake Shoots Venom

“Carry Tiger Back to Mountain” is the fourth of the Wahnam Taijiquan combat application set. Various felling attacks and their counters are introduced in this set.

Video 2008


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