Tan Jin Leng

Tan Jin Leng at a chi kung graduation dinner. On his right side is Wong Chun Nga, Sifu Wong's son, munching some food, and on his left is Juan from Spain.

Kindly allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jin Leng and I am writing on behalf of Cosmos Internet Sdn Bhd. We are a Malaysian based publishing company.

I am not only Sifu Wong's publisher but I am also one of his many students all over the world. I have been practicing the type of chi kung taught by Sifu Wong for the last seven years and have personally experienced the miraculous effects of this wonderful art.

Both my knees were worn out beyond hope when I was only 20. I will always remember what my doctor said and these were his exact words: “It is too bad nature gave you bad knees. I have the same problem because I enjoyed playing rugby when I was young.”

My back problems started with a slip disc and the doctors could not help either. All they could do was to prescribe rest and the dreadful painkillers. My back was so bad that I could feel my spine move. I had to stand at an unusual angle to compensate for my bad back. And I could barely walk for 20 minutes. When I was sitting in traffic jam, which was very common in Kuala Lumpur, my back and left leg (clutch leg) hurt badly. Thus you can say that I was in constant pain.

That was until I met Sifu Wong through The Art of Chi Kung. I used to work for a company that distributed Element books in Malaysia. Within months all my problems went away. To tell all of you the truth I was surprised and never expected it to solve any of my problems nor did I try to use chi kung as a form of therapy.

I only started practicing “Lifting the Sky” and “Carrying the Moon” because I had to work 12-14 hours a day and these exercises did not take much time. Moreover, I could not do any of the “macho” stuff. Chi Kung to me then was what old people do in the park on Sunday mornings before adjourning to a restaurant for dim sum. And now I have a second chance at life, for which I will always be grateful to Sifu Wong.

It was not long after that I discovered from Sifu Wong that by practicing chi kung, one can even cure frightening and so-called incurable diseases like cancer. My problems suddenly became very minor.

When I was compiling “The Shaolin Arts”, I tried to include as many cases as possible pertaining to the miraculous cures of life threatening illnesses. Hopefully this ancient but very effective art can reach the masses and help many people obtain relief from so-called incurable diseases.

Thus it is very important to me and I am sure to all of us who have personally benefited from this magnificent art of managing “chi” that this book does well and will remain in circulation for a long time.

However, when I was compiling “The Shaolin Arts” and editing “The Complete Book of Chinese Medicine”, it dawned upon me that we should produce a book or books on case studies pertaining to the cure of so-called incurable diseases by practicing chi kung.

These case studies have to be current or modern so that our readers and critics of Chinese Medicine understand that the word “traditional” in Traditional Chinese Medicine does not mean that it is old fashion or out of date or Chinese Medicine is stagnant and thus has not progressed for thousands of years.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is as relevant today as it was thousands of years ago and these new cases will prove this claim beyond a shadow of a doubt or at least to a standard of beyond reasonable doubt that this unique concept of treating illnesses is applicable to modern diseases.

However, this book will not be a “I am Right, You are Wrong” book. No one can or should deny the wonders of Western Medicine.

Although time has a way of unraveling the truth that chi kung helps to a certain extent, the burden or onus is still on us to prove our case or claims that chi kung actually works. And there is a high percentage of successful cases.

Thus we need a book that can do this. And by documenting these case studies in detail we hope to achieve this.

Chi Kung masters and instructors will no longer have to rely on hearsay when they try to explain the wonderful and unbelievable art of chi kung. They can simply refer to the evidence documented in this book.

And now the time has arrived for us to shoulder the burden of proof.

After a three and a half hour meeting on a Sunday afternoon, at the expense of Sweden vs. Senegal, The Board of Directors of Cosmos Internet Sdn Bhd has decided to allow us embark on this project.

I will be your editor and project coordinator and I will do my best to make this humble attempt one of the most important books of our times.

Sifu Wong has graciously agreed to contribute to the foreword of this publication.

For obvious reasons the first book will be on cancer cases. The dreaded “Big C” has caused so much suffering and fear not only to the sick but to their family members as well as to those who are close to them. If we can do our part to even help one person this project will be worth the time spent.

We must spread the word that there is hope for those who are suffering from this illness. One who is suffering from cancer, can either wait patiently for Western Medicine to find a cure and hopefully on time or one can look for an alternative or other forms of complementary medicine.

Thus if you personally or you know people who have recovered from cancer after practicing chi kung or have personally received treatment from Sifu Wong please write to us as soon as possible at cosmosinternet@hotmail.com.

Linda, who is Sifu's secretary, could only provide me with the e-mail addresses from her database. There are many other people who have trained with Sifu who are not on her database. Therefore please contact or forward this letter to them so that they are aware of this very important project and give them the opportunity to contribute to it.

But if you would like to write to me about your own miraculous recovery from other so-called incurable diseases like heart problems, diabetes, etc please do so. Hopefully we can document these diseases in the near future.

However, please note that I do not have a medical degree.

Thus please ensure that the names of medicines, methods of treatment and other information pertaining to your search for a cure are accurate. If you are not sure please let me know. I will do my own research. It is important that we do not make any silly mistakes as our audience might include western trained doctors and scientists as well as lay people.

This book will be designed in a documentary format. Hopefully, National Geography, Discovery or the BBC would be interested in serializing it one day.

Thus when you submit your story, please include as much information as possible.

Basically the format should be as follows.

  1. Tell us a little bit about your life before cancer developed. We would like to know your occupation and your eating habits. If you smoke please let us know as well.

    The reason behind this request is we would like to know if you were exposed to any known cancer causing agents through your work. And there are many who lived healthily and developed cancer and just as many who smoke and eat unhealthily but do not have any health problems.

    The Complete Book of Chinese Medicine explained why some people developed certain diseases and some do not although they live or work in the same environment.

  2. Your age when the cancer cells first appeared and the name of the cancer. Are there similar cases within members of your family? What were the symptoms that first appeared? When did you begin to feel that “something is seriously wrong”?

  3. Your personal thoughts and reaction when your doctor first told you. If possible please include the thoughts and reaction of your family members (including children), friends and employers or employees.

  4. Your life during the different stages of treatment. I have to apologize for this request but if possible please describe in detail the physical and mental suffering you and your family members had to endure. For example, hair loss, vomiting, loss of appetite etc.

  5. The name of treatment and medicine prescribed. If possible please send us x-rays of the cancer cells and x-rays after the cancer cells went away. Please label these x-rays accordingly.

  6. Photographs of yourself before, during and after the cancer cells went away.

  7. How you met Sifu Wong and discovered chi kung. Have you trained with other masters before Sifu Wong and which art did you train in? If you are using your previous instructors' real name please let me know. We do not want to be involved in any controversy. Tell us a little bit about your training and the effects of the training and experiences with this master.

  8. Please share your thoughts when you first met Sifu. For example, did you believe him or doubt his ability? Why did you decide to try chi kung in your battle with cancer?

  9. Your thoughts, fears and doubts (if any) when you first started practicing chi kung. Sifu's role at this point. Please let us know the type of chi kung you were practicing, including meditation and prayers (if any). We would also like to know your family and friends' reaction when they discovered that you started practicing chi kung to battle cancer. And if possible please include your doctor's reaction as well.

  10. How long before you started experiencing changes, both mentally and physically. And please describe these changes. For example: When did the pain become less? When did you become more active? When did your appetite return? When did your mind become clearer?

  11. Your reaction and feelings when you discovered that the cancer has gone. Please include the reaction and feelings of your family members, friends, doctors and Sifu Wong when you told them.

  12. Please let us know how long it took before the cancer went away and the training schedule recommended by Sifu Wong. Did Sifu give you any other advice? Did he transmit chi from a distance? How long before you started feeling the effects of distant chi transmission?

  13. Finally please tell us a little bit about yourself and your life after the cure.

If you have any other suggestions please write to me. Or simply include it in your article.

If you know of cases where chi kung has failed and the practitioner has passed on please write to me as well. If possible please include as much of the above as possible. Perhaps he discovered chi kung when the cancer was already at an advanced stage or he was too old for his body to effectively battle the cancerous cells or he simply became lazy and stopped practicing chi kung.

These cases are just as important as successful cases as we do not want to give anyone false hope that the chance of cure is 100%. We all know that it is not and we should be truthful about this.

If we look at it optimistically, chi kung could have helped those people who succumbed to cancer as well. They could have experienced less pain or became cheerful etc.etc.etc. Just think back and see if you noticed these changes.

Even if you cannot send me all the details above it does not matter. Just provide as many details as possible. It will add to the statistics. In the Traditional Chinese Medicine vs. Modern Western Medicine argument, from the patient point of view, these statistics will help.

Even if we fail to convince the experts in the field of western medicine, it does not matter. We cannot blame them. I am sure many of us did not believe it either.

Western trained Doctors are professionals in their own fields. They have to work within certain guidelines set by politicians who may or may not be physicians and they are always open to legal actions if they practice away from the set guidelines.

Our main aim should be to help those who are suffering from this disease and those who are healthy so that they can remain healthy.

Please include your real name and address. However, if you do not want your real name to appear on the book, send us your preferred pseudonym. But we still need your real name and current address for our files. We will not publish any contributions if the author's real name and address are not included. We would not want our readers to think that we made up these cases for economical gains.

We reserve the right to edit your contributions or make any changes we deem necessary.

Please send all articles in English. It does not have to be Queen's English though. It can also be in point form. We will make all the necessary editing.

Thank you for reading this very long letter. We hope to hear from you soon and help us make this project a successful one.

Best wishes.
Jin Leng
18th June 2002


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