Pushing Mountain

"Pushing Mountain" in an Intensive Chi Kung Course


What happens if I still do not master the techniques taught at the end of the lessons?

-- Tan, Malaysia


A comforting point is that the chi kung you are going to learn in my intensive course is so powerful that even if you could perform a quarter as well as expected you would still overcome your health problems. This is no exaggeration. Shaolin Cosmos Chi Kung is meant for top level martial art and spiritual cultivation. Overcoming health problems is just a starting stage.

Do not ask rhetoric questions that deter you from your goal, just get on with the task that leads you to your goal of overcome your illness. First, find out what means are available to overcome your problems. Find out the credentials of the doctor, therapist or master who is going to help you, and more importantly find out the actual results he has produced. This gives you the “heart of confidence”.

If you have to learn a technique to overcome your problems, do not, — even before learning — question whether it is difficult to learn or you are too slow to learn. Whether it is difficult or you are slow, you still have to learn it if it is necessary. If it turns out that the technique is difficult and your are slow, then you will have to put more time and effort. You have no choice if you really want to get well. This is the “heart of determination”.

If it is required to undergo a particular treatment or practise a particular technique daily for six months to get well, then you have to take that treatment or practise that technique daily for six months. This is the “heart of perseverance”. You have no choice. If after three months you choose to stop the treatment or practise only when you like, you may not get well.

The above is taken from Question 9 of July 2001 Part 2 of the Selection of Questions and Answers.


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