Adelin, Grandmaster Wong and Sifu Hubert

Adeline, Grandmaster Wong and Sifu Hubert in Thiers, a small town in France

I met Grandmaster Wong and discovered the art of chi kung in 2005. I was 25 at the time, and was in a stage of my life where I felt completely stuck. I was suffering from depression and anorexia, and I could not find any meaning in life.

My brother suggested that I attend a chi kung course in Ireland. I decided to go, and I can say with conviction that this course changed my life. I felt a wonderful inner peace that has not left me since then, and I had an experience that made me aware of our divine nature. It was a true revelation. I kept on practising, and my heart and spirit opened up more and more.

I remember one particular training session some time later, in my garden. At the end of the session, I opened my eyes and I saw everything around me as if it was the very first time. I was in complete awe. I felt a lot of chi in my hands, and walked close to a tree. I gently touched it with my fingers, and felt a connection deep in my heart. I then touched other trees, as well as various objects (vase, table, ...), and every time I could perceive what was connecting me with everything, as if I was in contact with the essence or the very soul of what I was touching. It was an absolutely incredible experience, and lasted for about an hour.

I would like to express my deepest thanks to sifu for having changed my life, and for sharing the incredible benefits that chi kung can bring us.

This testimonial is reproduced from Grandmaster Wong's autobiography, "The Way of the Master"



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