Binia (front, centre) at the Intensive Chi Kung Course, Penang April 2012

Dear Shaolin Wahnam Family,

I tried now two or three times to write a post about the Intensive Chi Kung Course with Sigung. But I failed so far. Not only the days during the Intensive Course seem to be "intense", also the days before and after the course. So many things happen, I feel so much, I see so much -- I feel like in a big flow. "We have been blessed" might be the only and "simple" statement that could maybe bring it to the point how I feel about it.

It all began with a very powerful Chi Kung State of Mind on day 1 and it ended with the most special and precious Chi Flows on day 3. The Chi Flows we were allowed to enjoy in the afternoon on day 3 were simply a gift that was handed over to us so freely and compassionately.

Sigung did sent us into Chi Flow right away and very soon I found myself on the floor doing some kind of summersaults which were indeed just fun when I realized it. Very soon later we started to massage certain parts of our body and organs and the cleansing would become more and more. And there was for me the really wonderful part: it was pure enjoyment! There was no heaviness that would come along with the cleansing. There was no despair, no pain, no fear that would make me worry.

At one point I was on the floor and felt like vomiting and suffocating. When we massaged our lungs I had to cough once again -- but all these negative emotions that I had hosted for so long and that came out of me didn't impress me at all. In contrary, I simply felt strong and was ready for more and more cleansing.

And later when the flow was no more so vigorous something beautiful happened. My sounds became somehow "words" to me. To me it sounded like words put together into a sentence, spoken in a language that doesn't exist. I repeated and repeated them and suddenly the translation was there: Life is beautiful. I heard that only once and then I just kept repeating somehow these "words" and felt so light, so happy and so peaceful and every time "these words" came out of my mouth they felt sweeter and sweeter. Indeed I felt sweet, and I didn't want to stop, repeating these words to myself. This was much more than a special moment for me.

I do hope that anyone who goes through lots of cleansing right now or is struggling with certain blockages may soon also enjoy such precious Chi Flows.

Also very precious was the company of my sisters and brothers during and outside of the course. There was this warm and secure atmosphere full of love and understanding and support. It was also inspiring to see how people already during the course started to glow and change. Thanks indeed for sharing and spending time together. I am looking forward to meet you again here or there.

To have a weekly KungFu class is also very precious. Thank you to my Sifu for teaching us so generously and for spreading the Shaolin Arts in Switzerland.

Thank you Sigung for accepting me to the Intensive Chi Kung course. It has been a very precious gift for me that I cannot really capture yet, I guess.

I feel very grateful to train the Shaolin Arts. Step by step they are leading me back to this world and to the person I want to be for myself and the ones around me.

Happy Chi Flows for all of us,
Binia Marti
16th April 2012

Praying Mantis

A kungfu class in Switzerland

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