Camiio de Santaigo

Santiago de Compostella

Dear Sifu,

For the past 8 years since I started learning from you I saw countless benefits including being happy almost all the time, never getting sick and enjoying my work and play. These are already achievements that most people don't even dream of let alone achieve.

Last week I became aware that I was taking my Shaolin practices for granted not really realizing the preciousness, depth and power of what you taught me and what I had achieved through diligent practice and this is why I am writing this post.

For the past 7 days a group of friends and myself went to walk part of the 'Camino De Santiago' in Spain where we hiked with backpacks for more than 130 km in 5 days. I had time to experiment whilst walking and I realized that most of the walking especially the steep long uphills I was doing like Chi Kung, i.e placing the intention on my energy and the energy moves my body.

I was ending each walk of between 25km-30km a day with more energy and internal power than I started in the morning whilst my friends moaned, cried, screamed and despaired in pain. At times they just looked at me not understanding what my secret was and in the last day one of them told me 'This trek was like doing nothing for you, right?' and I could only smile. It's difficult to explain the Shaolin Arts. One can only experience them.

So from my heart, Thank You Sifu. I am eternally grateful for what you have taught me.

Best regards,
5th May 2012.

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Sifu Nick and Sifu Tim and others in Shaolin kungfu sparring

The above is reproduced from the thread Thank You, Sifu in the Shaolin Wahnam Discussion Forum.



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