Hi Sifu

My name is Ivan, Eugene's friend and Tiana's brother. I was in your beautiful course in California. I'm looking so forward to going to your course in Costa Rica.

I want to grow and learn the beautiful art and wisdom you are transmitting to the world. Currently I admit it is difficult for me to relax and enjoy, let go. But I know and believe I can learn and do it. I practice it consistently. I am very fortunate to know Eugene since college.

I want to tell you a story of one of the ways how you helped me so much. 2 years ago when you came to NY to do the Chi Kung course, the same trip you so generously volunteered to come speak to my soccer team. When I was taking your course, and you helped us get into a higher state of mind, a joy, You said:

"And now, forgive yourself ..... To err is human, to forgive is divine."

And I was able to forgive myself for a terrible thing that had happened years ago, which was very hard for me to deal with.

Thank You so much. There is no money in the world worth that gift I received. Thank You.

Hopefully you will enjoy this poem. Here is the link:

What Was Said to the Rose

What was said to the rose that made it open
was said to me here in my chest.

What was told the Cypress that made it strong
and straight, what was

whispered the jasmine so it is what it is, whatever made
sugarcane sweet, whatever

was said to the inhabitants of the town of Chigil in
Turkestan that makes them

so handsome, whatever lets the pomegranate flower blush
like a human face, that is

being said to me now. I blush. Whatever put eloquence in
language, that's happening here.

The great warehouse doors open; I fill with gratitude,
chewing a piece of sugarcane,

In love with the one to whom every that belongs!

Poem by Jalaluddin Rumi,
translation about 2005 - Coleman Barks

May God keep on Blessing us

December 15th, 2010


What was said to the Rose

Grandmaster Wong's Reply

Dear Ivan,

It is great to hear from you.

I am very glad of your progress. What I remember most about you was when Eugene was struggling to carry a box of books and you ran over in the rain to help him.

Your part about forgiving is beautiful. I am sure it will be inspiring and helpful to many people. I would like to post your e-mail and my reply on the "Comments" section of my website. But if for any reason, which you need not explain to me, you prefer it not to be posted, please let me know and I shall respect your wish.

Best regards,
December 15th, 2010.


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