Karol Baranowski

Karol Baranowski

Dear Sigung,

It is over a day since I received an email from you, and the smile is still on my face.

This feeling is just amazing. That is the second time I get a message from you and I still can not believe it.

You are so generous, give us so much - your time, knowledge, love, happinnes and wisdom, to help us become better persons. Thanks to you we find in ourselves goodness and happiness.

Something is telling me that the reason why I traveled to Norway was to meet my Sifu (Sifu Omar Iversen) and receive your teaching. Since then my life, the way I look at it and the way I live changed totally. Every day I am becoming a new, better person.

My life has become magic. It surprises me more and more every day. I look at the world with new eyes.

When almost two years ago I met my Sifu, he passed on to me the treasure of Shaolin Wahnam Chi Kung -- three magic exercises -- Lifting the sky, Carrying the Moon and Pushing Mountain. After a year with daily practice my Sifu taught me Golden Bridge which I train every second day since then (one day Golden Bridge. and the second day Pushing Mountain). Sifu told me that practicing Golden Bridge everyday can be too powerful for me right now).

Effects are just wondrous. I have never thought that there is something which may affect my life so strongly.

I have found the meaning of life and become a better person. I am developing enormous power and inner peace. My mind is so clear and I feel happier every day. The shower of chi is traveling arround my body every training session, and sometimes suddenly during the day. Yesterday while watching the glimpses of Chi Kung Intensive Course I felt strong river of chi flowing from the bottom of my backs to the top of my head. Just by watching the video!

I am only one of many thousands, and the reason of all these changes is your work and dedication.

I cannot express with words how grateful I am to you.

You are the most amazing person in this world.

I read all your books. The more I read the more my eyes get open.

After receiving "The Way Of The Master" I felt like a member of your family.

When life gets in front of a difficult situation I ask myself -- what would Sigung do? Is it compatible with the Shaolin Laws?

Knowing how busy your everyday is I feel gratitude that you take a moment of your precious time to write to me.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

I hope that 2015 will be one of your best and happiest.

With big smile from my heart

Karol Baranowski
Shaolin Wahnam Norway
28th December 2014



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