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Lauren who could hardly walk three years ago was sparring vigorously at the 2012 Winter Camp

Dearest Fam,

Okay, so I have been hesitant to share here on this forum in the past not due to any lack of amazing experiences but rather in a lack of confidence. But after kicking off 2012 with an unforgettable course in Norway, I confronted and over came many blockages and now I want to share my powerful results with my first ever-post to the Forum (woohoo!)

Diagnosed with a so-called incurable disease 6 years ago, I was unable to see a better life for myself through a pharmaceutical haze. For 2 years now, these arts have had nothing short of a powerful affect on my life as piece by piece, (and sometimes chunk by chunk) my problems are becoming distant dysfunctions of my past.

As I shed layer after layer of gunk and garbage, I see more and more beauty, in myself, in others, in all around me -- (yes, even in that gunk and garbage!) and I am moved with gratitude, hope, and joy.

There were and have been many instances where I have experienced powerful Qigong and Kung Fu sessions -- from mind-blowing Qi Flows to sparring sessions that stirred up and expelled stuck past-trauma. During the Dumbbell Force Training on this most recent course in Norway, I was moved to heights I had never before encountered. After one particular session, I caught a glimpse of vitality, of real strength from the depths of my core to the outer reaches of my physical body. I was strong and powerful and I could feel it!

I've had powerful moments as a result of practicing these arts since Day 1, but this was something new and different. I wasn't just experiencing a powerful moment, I was powerful! The strength I felt pulsating through my very being, the universe showing me a piece of vitality I have never had, not even when I was "healthy" -- here it was illuminating my soul and my body.

I was moved to tears as I recalled not just 2 and a half years ago, I could barely walk, and some days not even be able to get out of bed due to muscles locking up and excruciating pain. Fast forward to a Kung Fu Course in Norway (a place I've never been) dumbbells in hand, strength in body, and gratitude in heart. How lucky am I?

I am incredibly fortunate to have found my Sifu (Sifu Anthony Korahais), who helped me when I was in need. I am so very grateful to my Sifu, to my Sigung, to my beautiful Wahnam family. (LOVED meeting and seeing all your beautiful faces, you all are AMAZING in your own awesome way and I love everyone of you!) I feel so lucky that we have been connected and brought together through these arts.

Thanks for reading and being a part of my world.

With love and gratitude,

Lauren Michelle
February 8th, 2012

Winter Camp 2012

Participants at the 2912 Winter Camp manifesting joy and vitality despite 8 hours of sparring

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