Dear Wahnam Family,

When I started this amazing journey in the Shaolin Arts years ago I was a complete mess.

I was allergic to diary, pollen, dust, strong smells... name it, and I was allergic, also I used to have a very strong hay fever almost all the time. I was in a severe depression and anxiety, multiple inexplicable pains all over my body, I was taking more than 5 pills a day to try to feel better, antidepressants and pain releases. I was completely lost in life, I did not know what to do with myself or how to make a living. Also use to weight around 80 kg... and some other things...

Today I look back I can not believe how much I have changed, all my allergies are gone. I had not have hay fever in more than 1 year now, those days are gone, now I can eat all the diary I want.

I have lost more than 25 kg so so fast, actually I keep losing weight now.

My depression and anxiety are gone, I do not take any antidepressants since 2010, and I do not take any pills now for nothing. I rarely get sick ever and if I do, it is never strong and I recover very fast.

It was not an easy journey, but it was and is so so rewarding. I guess some of you will remember some of my posts, some days I was feeling in such desperation... but the key for success was very simple, diligent practice everyday and faith. There is hope for those who really want to feel and be better.

I am so full of blessings and wonderful things keep coming to my life. Im grateful. I feel happy. I have made for myself a work that I love. I have changed so much, spiritually, physically, emotionally...

I see/hear around me an overwhelming beauty that ironically it has always been there but I was not able to see it. Now just the singing of a bird or the swing of a tree or feeling the wind in my skin... makes me feel so lucky to be alive, now I understand Sifu's words "Now take a moment to feel how wonderful it is just to be alive"... wow it is so true. Life is great, to be alive is a gift from heaven.

I find myself smiling and enjoying life in a way I never thought it was possible and I still have the feeling that my journey has only just started.

With the deepest feeling of gratefulness I have in my heart, Thank you Sifu.

Kindest regards,


Vero and others enjoying a video show at the Intensive Shaolin Kungfu Course in Sabah 2012

The above discussion is reproduced from the thread Overcoming So Many Issues in the Shaolin Wahnam Discussion Forum.



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