Laura Fernandez Garrido
Air Hostess, Spain


Laura Fernandez Garrido

In January 1997 my gynaecologist gave me a diagnosis of breast cancer. I suffered two surgeries, and received chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Besides, in February my partner finished our relationship. I got two shots at the same time. My emotional crisis was for me as serious as the cancer disease.

In April I began to practice Tai Chi Chuan and chi kung. My instructor recommended me to have a personal consultation with Sifu Wong in his visit to Spain in May to look after the seriousness of radiotherapy in my lungs.

Sifu Wong and Laura

Sifu Wong and Laura in Madrid, Spain

I met Sifu Wong in a park in Madrid and he explained to me what to do about my lungs and my emotions. “Always smiling from the heart” he said. He announced to me that in my next medical test I would be in good health, and he asked me to inform him by e-mail.

Soon I passed my medical tests and everything was alright!

I feel that my work with energy has saved by body, my mind and my soul.

My lung capacity is now much bigger than ever and I have not been sick since those years, not even influenza. My vitality is great and I am much happier now than ever, and my happiness is coming from inside and has nothing to do with external events. Of course I practice chi-kung everyday since I met Sifu Wong.

Since 3 months ago I am teaching Shaolin Wahnam Chi Kung, following the instructor-training programme of Sifu Wong. I am very happy to see my pupils too are getting a lot of benefits.

For example, after practising for 15 days Carmen got back her menstruation that was missing one year and a half ago, even she is under 40. Besides she is getting rid of her fibromialgia pains one by one, enjoying much more life.

Esther stopped smoking easily when she decided to do so after talking about objectives in daily life one day during a chi kung class. Now she is trying not to get angry.

Ana feels more vitality and relaxation and the energy warming her hands and body. Pepa keeps calm even at a time of problems. Consuelo got rid of her back pain and sleeps well since she began the practice. She received a tax inspection and began to do chi kung instead of to panic. She remained calm as she could not imagine before.

Angeles felt more strength in her body and in her mind. She is recovering self-esteem and expressing her opinions with more self-confidence.


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