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A Poem by Paul Andrews

She could fully move her big toe and that this was the first time that she had done so in over 4 years! -- Paul Andrew

Dear Sifu,

I write to thank you for an excellent time in Malaysia on the Intensive Chi Kung Course. The course was the fulfilment of an ambition and lived up to everything that I had expected. I would wholeheartedly recommend the course for anyone who is interested in experiencing true chi kung.

Although I am used to experiencing "energetic" self manifested chi flow, the experience in Malaysia was my best to date. I have experienced and enjoyed practicing many types of chi kung, but Shaolin Cosmos Chi Kung is by far the best I have ever encountered.

If you recall, whilst on the course I mentioned to you about some of my personal successes through Shaolin Cosmos Chi Kung. Following your regional chi kung course in Bath last year, I have helped to achieve remarkable improvements in my mother's health, thanks to you teachings.

Recently I was upset to see my mother upset. She had been to the doctors to ask about having a lump (which she believed to be an extremely painful bunion) removed from the side of her foot. I learned that she had been unable to move her big toe for over 4 years, and that on some days it was so painful that she found difficulty in even walking.

The doctor's reply was that it was not a bunion, but "Chronic Arthritis", and that all that the hospital could do was to remove her big toe, but that this would cause problems for her balance. My mother had decided to opt for keeping the lump and to continue to suffer her discomfort.

My reply to my mother was at first unsympathetic saying "Well if you took chi kung seriously instead of 'playing at it, you might not have this problem!".

This angered my mother with the frustrated reply, "How can I do chi kung that you want me to do? Some days I can't even move my arms, look!".

It is true that I would have loved for her to be able to do "Lifting the Sky", but her pain in her shoulders would not allow arm movement above 90 degrees. ("Lifting the Sky" requiring 180 degrees.)

I have previously shown my mother some simple chi kung exercises (within her mobility range), and standing meditation. Remembering your teachings from the course, I made my mother perform standing relaxation (talking her through mentally relaxing "head to toe") so that she entered into a chi kung state of mind, followed by gentle but focussed breathing, emphasizing the gentle mind aspect of chi kung. This was followed by a brief period of standing meditation.

My intention here was to remove my mother's immediate stress, in the hope that I could encourage her to take her chi kung training more seriously (as I know that she often missed some days). This was a success and at least when I left my mother's house, she was no longer upset by her doctors'remarks.

One hour later my mother telephoned me overjoyed saying that she could fully move her big toe and that this was the first time that she had done so in over 4 years!

I was very happy about this, but told her that I had not expected such immediate results and that to me this was a sign for her to take chi kung more seriously.

Two days later I was totally amazed to see that my mother now can move both arms through almost 180 degrees! She has been unable to do this for years! Simple but profound!!!

My mum is now a "Shaolin Chi Kung convert", and I am extremely happy that chi kung has improved my mother's quality of life. This has made my year so far, THANK YOU SIFU...."

I continue to notice the benefits of my chi kung practice and I am also convinced that through regular practicing chi kung that I have overcome a kidney stones problem, from which my doctor suspected that I was suffering last year.

I was truly honoured and moved at your suggestion that I may one day teach Shaolin Wahnam Chi Kung in the UK and words cannot express this. I fully appreciate the benefits of this wonderful Shaolin treasure and I will certainly do my very best in this regard.

I have included below a copy of the poem of appreciation which I wrote during the course, and also another poem called "Malaysia" which I wrote on my last day there.

Best wishes,
Email :
April 10, 2002


A glimpse of what could be,
One world in harmony,
A gathering of cultures and creed,
In friendship, love and peace.

The sun rise beneath the clouds,
Paints a glowing warm red scene,
O'er buildings tall and proud,
And paddy fields of green.

See the rivers twist and turn,
Winding down towards the sea,
Shadows glide o'er sands of gold,
Under waters pure and clean.

And the air so warm to know,
Like the people in her keep,
Full of life they smile and glow,
In this treasure of the east.

Dedicated to the warmth and friendship of the people of Malaysia which I have been fortunate enough to experience during my stay in Malaysia whilst attending Sifu Wong Kiew Kit's "Intensive Chi Kung Course".

Paul Andrews


Thank you Sifu,
For shining your light,
For realising ambitions, for being true and forthright.

Thank you for sharing the arts of Shaolin,
Gifts to the world and the wonders they bring,
For kindness and compassion -- in word and in deed,
For the path you have chosen -- by example to lead.

With "three treasures" and more, may one "smile from the heart"
Thank you Sifu, for preserving the Shaolin Arts.

Written especially for Sifu Wong Kiew Kit, Malaysia, April 2003 as a token of appreciation from his many students throughout the world.

Paul Andrews


Paul (left) and some other participants at the Intensive Chi Kung Course, April 2002, Malaysia


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