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The following are some comments by visitors to Sifu Wong's webpages.

Dear Sifu Wong,

First of all, I would like to thank you not just for taking the time to read this e-mail, but also for all the joy you brought into my life. I cannot afford your classes, so I really appreciate the fact that you decided to share your knowledge in the form of books. If you ever decide to pen another volume on qigong, it will be too soon.

Qigong has made me feel alive, vibrant and happy. Before, I was constantly depressed, easily tired and once even contemplating suicide. Although I know qigong will never be the same without personal guidance, it does not matter. I am happy with what I have now. Life is worth living again.

Thank you, and thank you again. May your life be a long and blessed one.

Mon, 30 Nov 1998

Dear Sifu Wong,

Firstly, greetings from London UK. What a joy it has been to discover your homepage and particularly the Question and Answer series. I have been reading them with great interest and even though thousands of miles away feel that I am in the presence of a Master. Through my reading over the past few years I have rarely come across one who puts the case with so much clarity, authority, perception and care. A sincere thankyou.

With respect and kind regards,
Jon Wallwork.
Fri, 22 Jan 1999.

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Please allow me to congratulate you on the great success of your Web Site. It has become a tremendous resource for students all over the world who are interested in genuine chi kung and martial arts. I am sure that I am speaking on behalf of everyone in expressing great appreciation for the time you have made available to answer the many questions that must arrive every single day.

Alan Jones,
United Kingdom.
24 Jan 1999.


I would like to thank you for the web page I have just encountered, It has helped me gain a better understanding of the arts described within, and has given me more insight into the life that lies ahead. I found the site while searching for some direction in my personal journey of studying the healing arts. I am searching for someone whom I may study under. Presently I am exploring all my options and would be honored if you could offer any help or direction.

Thank you and take care.

Andrew Semler
United States of America
15 Jun 1999.

A Boddhisattva

Dear Master:

I am a Mexican woman, 44 years old. I am living in Louisiana, USA. My son gave me the book "Chi-Kung for Health and Vitality" written by you, which has given me many wonderful changes in my life.

I used to be sick very often. My liver was not working properly and I got bad colds or flu all the time. I started doing this Chi-Kung exercises and I can say that since more than a year I haven't been sick at all!

I have been able to confront some hard problems with calm and love that I have had, like the death of my dear sister. I also lost weight, which made me feel more confident and comfortable.

Patricia Perez
United States.

Dear Sifu Wong,

I am grateful to you for having taken the time to answer my inquiry so thoroughly and I will take your advice to heart. I believe that, in addition to being a very capable master, you are also a philanthropic person.

Even though I know I can only practice an elementary level of Chi Kung without direct instruction from a qualified master, I am a happier, healthier man for having discovered your teachings. Thank you again.

Michael G. D'Aversa
27 Aug 1999.

Combat Application of Taijiquan

Thirty years ago, I used to try to figure out what Zen is and failed, because books in the libraries are written by persons who don't know. Your book explains it well.

It's like looking for books on UFOs and extraterrestrials. There are a lot of them. If there was one book written by an extraterrestrial who landed in a flying saucer, it would be in a totally different category. That's what your book is like.

Gary Novak.
United States.
4 May 2000.

Dear Sifu Wong,

I want to say that I love your webpage. You're the only kung fu practitioner, and one of the only people among very few martial artists I've ever seen who can convincingly apply kung fu to real combat.

And what impresses me even more is the fact that you also have an extensive knowledge of Zen. You're like a warrior from the past who preserves skills and wisdom which has been too often disregarded in modern times.

Sage Nagai
Country: USA.
5th Dec 2000.


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