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Intensive Chi Kung Course in Sabah, July 2012

So, after the Intensive Shaolin Kung Fu Course the Intensive Shaolin Chi Kung Course seemed already so far away, but now it's time to write a short review.

By choosing three of the best techniques (of course Lifting the Sky, Pushing Mountains and Carrying the Moon), Sifu managed to highlight the importance of the difference between techniques and skills.

The first skills were Entering a Chi Kung state of mind and Generating Energy Flow with Lifting the sky.

Later we built up internal force with a gentle Chi Flow after practicing Pushing Mountains and used the force for running around in the hall. Of course the force can be used for everything like sports, work or Kung Fu and Tai Chi Chuan.

We generated a Cosmic Shower for healing and nourishment by practicing Carrying the Moon and later also with Lifting the Sky to demonstrate that every skill can be used with every technique, although some techniques are relatively more effective for different skills.

Sifu taught us how to control our Chi Flow with a gentle thought from small to vigorous movement and vice versa and also how to direct chi to internal organs or anywhere in the body. Reminder: never to the heart or to the brain!

The combination of all three exercises at increasing speed was used to gain momentum for a vigorous session of Self-Manifested Chi Movement.

We learned how to start a Chi Flow without even practicing first, which worked even for fresh beginners. It had taken me quite some time to acquire this skill myself by practicing diligently, so it is really amazing that Sifu transmitted it directly at the course.

We used our mental clarity from our Chi Kung state of mind to solve problems which worked really well for many students. It was interesting to find out after the session, that for the advanced students (and me too) it was the biggest problem to find a problem to solve at all. After practicing Chi Kung for some time it becomes second nature not to get overwhelmed by problems anymore and the solving comes spontaneously and instantly.

And like this all would not be enough we put our mind to our Dantian and expanded into the cosmos. Many of the students had deep spiritual experiences. After sending blessings and forgiving we ended up with a feeling of gratefulness and joy.

My personal highlight was when we put our practice to the supposed lower level of form. We practiced Carrying the Moon and Sifu told us repeatedly to "don't worry about the breathing". I did as I was told and noticed that my breathing had stopped completely. I wasn't breathing anymore. Energy flowing in took care of this seemingly essential life function for the whole session. I had experienced Cosmic Breathing before, but never for so long. Being in tune with the energy of the cosmos felt so wonderful and I was very happy with my progress afterwards.

It was great to see how quickly everyone changed and blossomed throughout the few days.

Although I had not met anyone in person before, attending a Wahnam course feels like meeting your loving aunt who moved to Australia before you were born. Our Shaolin brothers and sisters are everywhere. We just have to meet them to have a great time together.

Thanks again to the incredible Kissey family for organizing this amazing course and of course to Sifu for passing on the originally secretive Shaolin arts and skills in an instant so generously.

In deepest gratitude,
27th July 2012.

Sifu Leonard Lackinger,
Shaolin Wahnam Austria.

chi flow

Leo enjoying an interesting chi flow after Lifting the Sky

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