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Andrew Barnett

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First a congratulatory note on your newest experiences, and also to those others who are having/have had similar experiences. The experience of expansion is wonderful but is not necessarily an indication of a lot of chi. It can also merely be (as one example of many) the manifestation of chi now flowing more strongly in a particular area.

By the way (excuse me if I missed this somewhere) how long and what have you been practicing?

There are probably very few people in the world (if any) who have excess chi. Some very generous masters do donate some of their chi to others to assist them in becoming healthy etc.


Students enjoying an expansion of energy and spirit during Standing Meditation

But they know exactly what they are doing. They know how to avoid backflow of (negative) energy from the recipient. They know how to, when to and where to (and also not to) apply their skills.

They know how much is good and not good for both the recipient and themselves and when it is enough. They know how to cleanse themselves after such a transmission and how to re-charge themselves. They also have a large reserve. Unless you have all these skills and this knowledge, transmitting chi to others can be risky.

Before attempting to help others -- which is extremely noble -- a person should be healthy and full of vitality himself. Then he could learn or develop the skills required.


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