Shaolin Chin-Na

In this chin-na technique, "Squating to Lock throat", the more an opponent struggles, the deeper will be the grip


Your good self have stated that in the hands of someone with adequate internal force and "shen", a Dim-Mak strike will still be effective even if the vital point is not dotted accurately. Is this also true of a Chin-Na grip-hold?

Assuming all combat efficiency factors (technique, skills, internal force, shen, etc) are equal in two warriors A & B who apply chin-na against an average blackbelter, except B does not have detailed knowledge of physical anatomy (eg joints, tendon-muscles, positions-attachments) and energy anatomy (eg vital point positions, point & meridian correlation to organs), how would both A & B compare to each other in chin-na combat application success in approximate percentages?

Dr Damian Kissey


Yes, when a master with much internal force and shen, or mind power, applies a chin-na grip on an opponent, even if the master misses the respective energy points, the chin-na grip is effective. An analogy is that when an able-bodied adult, who may not know chin-na, grips a small child, the grip will be effective. Ignoring the difference in age but by raising the level of force, it is similar to a master and an ordinary opponent.

If the master grips on respective energy points, the same grip will produce more serious result. A master trained in chin-na will know the energy points.

Presuming all other factors being equal, except that one knows energy network and the other does not, the knowledgeable exponent will cause more serious damage and have better control..

If an opponent tries to free himself from the grip, he may succeed with the unknowledgeable exponent. But with a knowledgeable exponent, the more the opponent struggles, the deeper will be the grip even without the exponent using extra force. In other words, the grip is such that the struggling movements will make the grip deeper.

In some courses, for example, I demonstrated that if an opponent tried to pull himself away from a properly applied chin-na grip,. like on the throat or the wrist, the pulling movement may tear away the relevant parts of the opponent’s body. The opponent had to reach for the exponent’s fingers to release the grip, or to use suitable counter techniques.

The success of a knowledgeable exponent compared to an unknowledgeable exponent in chin-na application with regard to knowing energy network is 6:4. But more important than knowing energy network in chin-na application, is the use of tactics and strategies. The success in appropriate percentage between a chin-na master who knows tactics and strategies as well as energy network compared to an unknowledgeable exponent is 8:2.

In my opinion, a black=belt practitioner has no chance to escape the chin-na techniques of a master. Even students who have successfully learnt the tactics and strategies as well as the energy network of chin-na in the coming Chin-Na Course in China, will have more than 80% change of applying their chin-na techniques on black-belt opponents if their combat efficiency level is similar.

Shaolin Chin-Na

If the combat skills are similar, a course participant having attended the chin-na course would have 80% change of beating a back-belter in free sparring

The questions and answers are reproduced from the thread 10 Questions on Shaolin Chin-Na in the Shaolin Wahnam Discussion Forum.