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Cosmic Breathing


Is it beneficial to train yourself to use cosmic breathing informally as a breathing mode at any time or place?

What if the environment is negative, for example in a sewer at midday? Would you take in more negative energy or would it protect you?



Yes, generally it is beneficial to train oneself to use cosmic breathing informally as a breathing mode in daily life. However, if the environment or timing is negative, he may take in negative energy unless he protects himself against it.

Please note that here “cosmic breathing”, with small letters “c” and “b”, refers to the ability to have energy passing in and out of a practitioner without the need of breathing in air through the nose and breathing out air through the mouth or nose. “Cosmic Breathing”, with capital letters “C” and “B”, refers to the special method, which includes techniques and skills like the one we practice in our school, to acquire this ability.

Advanced yogis have this ability of cosmic breathing, though their training method may be different from ours. They could be buried underground for a few days, yet they were still alive and kicking when they were unearthed. They did not need to breath with their nose and mouth. They could live though buried underground because the energy, which is necessary for life, continued to be exchanged between them and the Cosmos.

Kungfu students who attended my intensive kungfu courses also have this ability, though some of them had not attended my Cosmic Breathing course. Because of this ability they could spar for many hours without panting for breadth. Panting for breadth became irrelevant to them because they did not have to breathe in and out through their nose and mouth. Energy just exchanged between them and the Cosmos while they were engaged in sparring.

Many of them may not realize they were not breathing in the modern sense of the term where air is breathed in through the nose and out through the mouth, but they were breathing in the classic sense of energy exchange. In Chinese, which is “hu xi” in Mandarin or “fu kap” in Cantonese, the classic meaning of breathing was an exchange of energy, and not an exchange of air. Various breathing methods were practiced in Chinese chi kung long before air was discovered in the West.

Many chi kung masters today may not realize this fact. Hence some of them talk, erroneously, of abdominal breathing and reverse breathing as diaphragm breathing and chest breathing. Abdominal breathing and reverse breathing involve energy, whereas diaphragm breathing and chest breathing involve air.

How did some kungfu practitioners at my intensive kungfu courses develop cosmic breathing if they had not attended Cosmic Breathing courses with me? They developed the ability without their conscious knowing from various exercises during the intensive courses.

Our method of Cosmic Breathing was also developed by me spontaneously, at first without my conscious knowing. Through years of practicing the method of Abdominal Breathing, my ability of abdominal breathing gradually became cosmic breathing. Because of my philosophical understanding and teaching experience, I can now teach students to attain the ability of cosmic breathing in a Cosmic Breathing course in just a few hours although I myself took many years to attain the ability.

There are, of course, many other wonderful benefits of the ability of cosmic breathing from a Cosmic Breathing course, besides being able to spar for a few hours without panting for breath. In a nutshell, cosmic breathing enables us to attain peak performance in both our physical and mental activities. In spiritual cultivation, cosmic breathing enables us to merge with the Cosmos, or to have a glimpse of it as we return to our phenomenal world.

However, if the environment is negative, like at a sewer or in midday, the negative energy may flow into the body of a cosmic breathing practitioner if he has not protected himself against this adverse effect. The protection is quite easy if one knows how to do it. Our chi kung healers give themselves and others around them this protection when they treat patients suffering from serious diseases, like cancer. I can transmit this protection skill during the Cosmic Breathing course. Those attending the course, please remind me in case I forget.

In theory a cosmic breathing exponent who also knows the Small Universe can protect himself and activate his Small Universe so that his energy will recycle inside his own body without being affected by the negative energy outside. But in practice this is not necessary. All he needs to do is to move to another place where the outside energy is good.

Similarly, in theory a great chi kung master can create water from the air. In practice this is a very unwise use of his mind power. All he needs to do is to turn on a tap.

cosmic breathing

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