cosmic breathing

Cosmic Breathing


Please could you discuss the similarities and differences between Cosmic Breathing and Transcendental Big Universe?



Cosmic Breathing and Transcendental Big Universe are different arts. Both of them are very advanced.

In Cosmic Breathing, practitioners breathe in and out cosmic energy, without having to breathe in and out air through the nose and mouth. They literally pulsate with the Cosmos.

In Transcendental Big Universe, the personal energy of practitioners merges with the universal energy of the Cosmos. As we return to our phenomenal world, we call this supreme experience a satori, or a spiritual awakening, where we have a glimpse of Cosmic Realtiy.

We often use Cosmic Breathing as a means to attain Transcendental Big Universe. Herein lies its similarity, though they are different.

Yet, when we pulsate with the Cosmos in Cosmic Breathing, and forget about ourselves or discover that we have no form, our Cosmic Breathing has become Transcendental Big Universe.

When we pulsate with the Cosmos but are aware of our body or form, we are performing Cosmic Breathing and not yet in Transcendental Big Universe. If we are aware that our energy is flowing through all out 12 primary meridians, we are in Phenomenal Big Universe, as we are still in the phenomenal world and in Chinese medical terms when energy is flowing smoothly through all the 12 primary meridians, it is called the Big Universe.

In Transcendental Big Universe, there is no form, no differentiation. All is one, or nothing. Depending on whether there is differentiation or any form, Cosmic Breathing can be phenomenal or transcendental. Herein lies their similarities and differences.

Very roughly we may call Cosmic Breathing the technique, and Transcendental Big Universe the skill. This description is not accurate because both Cosmic Breathing and Transcendental Big Universe are also skills as well as attainments.

Instead of being a means, which may be described as a technique or a skill, Cosmic Breathing can also be an end by itself, which may be described as an attainment. We may use the technique and skill of Abdominal Breathing, or of Reverse Breathing to attain the result or benefit of Cosmic Breathing.

On the other hand, Transcendental Big Universe is not a technique. It is an end, or a result, or an attainment. In theory practitioners can use any technique to attain Transcendental Big Universe, but in practice most of them use sitting meditation. But they do not have good result. Many of them do not know why they practice sitting meditation, nor do they realize that sitting in a lotus position is just a technique.

We are elite, we use Cosmic Breathing to realize Transcendental Big Universe, and achieve very good result.

cosmic breathing

Transcendental Big Universe

The above discussion is reproduced from the thread 10 Questions on Cosmic Breathing in the Shaolin Wahnam Discussion Forum.



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