Golden Bridge

Golden Bridge


Tonight, as I was enjoying a chi flow after 10 minutes of Golden Bridge I felt a Cosmic Shower, the Grace of God, flowing right through me. The beauty of it was beyond words. 

My question: could I have experienced this if I had solely practised Golden Bridge and never had been taught other Chi Kung exercises and skills such as Cosmic Shower? Or is this beautiful experience the result of your teachings of spread and depth? 

I cannot thank you enough for your teachings; besides health, vitality mental clarity and other worldly benefits we also enjoy such beautiful spiritual experiences, by the grace of all your teachings and sacrifices. 

Sifu Roeland Dijkema


Congratulations for your wonderful experience. Other people outside our school who never had such a beautiful experience will never understand it, but those in our school who have had such an experience before would understand it perfectly. This is why great masters said that such beautiful experiences were inexplicable.

At first I did not understand why such experiences were inexplicable. I reasoned that those with such experiences could describe their experiences in words. Then, in a flash of inspiration, I realised why the masters mentioned that such experiences were inexplicable.

Even if such experiences are described exactly and correctly in words, those who never have had such experiences would never understand the description, even when they fully understand the dictionary meanings of all the words used in the description.

A prosaic example will make this clearer. Suppose someone has never been on a boat trip on the canals of Amsterdam. A person who has had such an experience may describe the boat trip as beautiful, exquisite or enchanting. But that someone who never had an experience would never know how beautiful, exquisite or enchanting the boat trip was. It would be even more difficult to understand your experience of Cosmic Shower which was more beautiful, more exquisite and more enchanting.

Your description of the Cosmic Shower as the grace of God and beyond words is very appropriate. It is the grace of God because the Cosmic Shower clears physical, emotional, mental and spiritual blockage, giving you good health, vitality, longevity, mental clarity and spiritual joys. It is beyond words because no matter how you try to describe it, those without the experience will never understand the description.

It is worthwhile to note that how much a practitioner benefits from Cosmic Shower depends on his developmental stage. In other words, how much grace God gives to people depends on their needs. For a beginner who is sick, Cosmic Shower clears his physical blockage and enables him to recover, or God overcomes his illness and gives him good health. For an advanced practitioner, Cosmic Shower clears his spiritual blockage and gives him cosmic wisdom, or God makes him see things in celestial light. The multiple level of benefits of Cosmic Shower makes it a great art.

If you had not practiced Cosmic Shower and other high-level arts but only had practiced Golden Bridge, it is very unlikely that you would have such an experience. If you ever had such a beautiful experience, it would be after a few years of practicing Golden Bridge. For you, if you practiced Golden Bridge daily, you might have 10% chance of experiencing a cosmic shower after 5 years. Yes, your beautiful experience is the result of my teaching of spread and depth.

For other people outside our school who do not have my teaching of spread and depth, they would be lucky if they had 1% chance of experiencing a cosmic shower after practicing Golden Bridge daily for 20 years. As I have often mentioned, some people may be angry at my estimation, and that is their problem, not mine. I make the estimation honestly.

Why is it that our Shaolin Wahnam instructors or students could have 10% chance of experiencing a cosmic shower after practicing Golden Bridge for 5 years, even though they had not practiced the art of Cosmic Shower, whereas other practitioners would have only 1% chance after 20 years? It is because our instructors and students have the general skills though they don’t have the specific techniques of experiencing a cosmic shower, whereas other practitioners have neither the skills nor the techniques. Other practitioners do not even have the skills to develop internal force with Golden Bridge.

Those who attend my course on Cosmic Shower would learn the techniques and be transmitted the skills within 4 hours. In other words they will be able to enjoy a cosmic shower within 4 hours because they have both the skills and the techniques. Someone in our school who does not have the specific skills of Cosmic Shower but has the general skills of chi kung, and knows the specific techniques of Cosmic Shower, may acquire the skills after a few months of daily practice.

The explanation above is straightforward, but other people may not understand it even when they understand the dictionary meaning of all the words used. As mentioned at the start of the answer, it is because they lack direct experience.

Carrying the Moon

"Carrying the Moon" is excellent for inducing a cosmic shower

The above discussion is reproduced from the thread 10 Questions on Cosmic Shower in the Shaolin Wahnam Discussion Forum.



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