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"Carrying the Moon" is effective for cleansing after healing work


Regarding that you teach the Cosmic Shower quite frequently all over the world and also that you mention the Cosmic Shower very often, it seems to me quite obviously that the Cosmic Shower may be one of your favorite skills. Could you explain why?



Yes, Cosmic Shower is one of my favorite skills.

I practiced this skill quite frequently in my early years as a chi kung healer. In the 1980s I was a pioneer in not only opening chi kung teaching to the public, but also teaching it in a package of 6 months with set aims and objectives.

It was much later that some chi kung masters from China came to Malaysia and countries of Southeast Asia to teach chi kung, but mostly in the form of gentle physical exercise, in courses of a few months. Most of these masters, however, did not practice, or at least did not teach kungfu.

This was, I believe, a first innovation in chi kung history. Previously chi kung, better known as nei kung or internal art, was taught exclusively only to advanced kungfu disciples after they had proven themselves worthy.

There were no set aims nor objectives, and there was no time frame. Practicing nei kung would be a matter of years. A master would teach his few selected students, and sometimes only one selected student, some techniques of internal art without any conscious awareness of the purpose why he taught them, apart from the obvious fact that this teaching was an advanced, and usually secret, part of his art. The selected students learned it without knowing why, apart from their acceptance of the new teaching as a reward for their dedication.

Hence, later when some masters from China taught chi kung in various Southeast Asian countries to the public, there were two main concepts of internal arts. One was nei kung, a form of advanced, internal kungfu. The other was chi kung, a form of exercise for general well-being. Many people, including some masters, wrongly considered that nei kung was only for combat, chi kung could not be used for fighting, and both could not be used to overcome illness. Indeed it was partly because of these issues that I had a big controversy with both the kungfu and the chi kung circles in the 1980s.

At this time I was still working as a school teacher. So I employed a chi kung master as a chi kung healer in a chi kung clinic I set up in partnership with two other persons. This master later betrayed me and left, and so I had to carry on the clinic as a chi kung healer myself.

To be efficient in my job as a chi kung healer, I read a lot of chi kung classics. It was emphasized that a healer must cleanse himself off the sick energy that he might have picked up from his patients.

I found two effective methods. One was to flick away the bad energy from the fingers like flicking away water. The other method was to have an energy shower.

I discovered an energy shower from my dedicated practice of exercises from the 18 Lohan Hands, like Lifting the Sky and Carrying the Moon. As I progressed in my many years of training, I discovered a shower of energy coming down my head through my body to my feet.

At first I called it Golden Shower, and taught it in my early courses as I travelled overseas to teach. Later I called it Cosmic Shower.

In my early courses, Cosmic Shower was used only for cleansing. It was effective not only for cleansing sick energy a chi kung healer might pick up from his patients, but also for clearing blockage to enable people to overcome illness.

At first I was aware only of physical cleansing. But as I taught more courses, I discovered that the cleansing could also be emotional, mental and spiritual. I discovered from direct experience that students who were angry or anxious became calm and relaxed, who previously had negative thoughts started to have good thoughts, and who were previously depressed or easily afraid became peaceful and confident.

In a flash of inspiration I discovered that God or the Divine gave His grace to everybody, in the form of good health, being peaceful, having mental freshness and being happy. But some people blocked themselves form God’s or Divine grace, and become sick, agitated, dull and depressed. Cosmic Shower was an excellent art to clear the blockage so as to receive the grace of God or the Divine.

As I progressed in my teaching, I discovered that Cosmic Shower not only cleansed but also strengthened practitioners physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. The benefits were confirmed by asking course participants to answer from their own experience. More than 80% of participants of Cosmic Shower courses reported that they felt stronger physically, could control their emotions more effectively, had better mental clarity, and were uplifted spiritually.

cosmic shower

Besides cleansing, Cosmic Shower is excellent for strengthening

The above discussion is reproduced from the thread 10 Questions on Cosmic Shower in the Shaolin Wahnam Discussion Forum.


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