God gives His blessings to everyone


I would like to share an experience rather than ask a question.

During standing meditation just now, I had a flash of inspirational experience that blessings are always there, ready to permeate our soul and cascade down onto us like in Cosmic Shower. Sigung mentions this all the time -- God's blessing is for everyone, but those who tense physically, mentally and spiritually block themselves from His Grace.

It's one thing to hear this wisdom. But it's another thing to experience it as I just did. I "saw" my energetic blockages repelling away the divine blessings. I don't know why. After that experience, I spontaneously allowed myself to go into a gentle Cosmic Shower and saw my energetic garbage wash away allowing divine energy through. It was quite emotional as I felt some karma cleansed. And yes, this experience was triggered by Dragon Strength.



Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience, and thank you for the kind words said about me.

Your sharing will bring benefit to more people than what I have always mentioned, that God or the Divine gives His blessings to everybody, but those tense and intellectualise unnecessarily block themselves from His grace.

There are many ways to clear the blockage, like taking medication, socialising with friends, and enjoying a holiday, but practicing genuine chi kung is a sure and excellent way. Amongst countless chi kung exercises, Cosmic Shower is one of the best, if not the best.

Indeed, it is one thing to hear the wisdom, but it is another thing to experience it. With the internet, many people today have access to incredible wisdom, and also mis-information mistaken as wisdom, but few people make some effort to experience it and benefit from it.

An excellent way to have such an experience and benefit from it is to learn from a teacher who has the following qualifications:

  1. He has the wisdom.
  2. He has the methodology to experience and benefit from the wisdom.
  3. He has many students who have experienced and benefitted from his teaching.
  4. He is willing to teach you.

Obviously it is futile to learn from a teacher who does not have the wisdom you are seeking, yet a lot of people are doing just this. A lot of students who want to defend themselves, for example, learn kungfu from teachers who explicitly say that kungfu cannot be used for fighting.

Chi kung teachers know that practicing chi kung will give good health. Yet there are many students who learn from chi kung teachers who are themselves sick. It is obvious that these teachers do not have the methodology to benefit from their wisdom.

Some kungfu masters have internal force, but their students who have learnt from them for a long time, don’t. It is unwise to learn form such teachers even when they themselves have the wisdom that good kungfu generates internal force, and have benefitted from the wisdom.

An important point many people neglect is whether the teacher is willing to teach you the kind of wisdom you seek to experience and benefit from. Some even go to the ridiculous extent to claim that if a teacher is a true master he must reach whoever students willing to learn. Such students probably form their misconception from meeting many bogus masters.

To be emotional after karmic cleansing is quite usual.

Dragon Strength, as taught in the Dragon Strength Course, is a marvellous art. It will enhance anything we do, in chi kung, kungfu as well as in daily life.

Dragon Strengt

Dragon Strength

The above discussion is reproduced from the thread 10 Questions on Cosmic Shower in the Shaolin Wahnam Discussion Forum.



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