Plucking Star

Plucking Starts

Bodhidharma the great first taught the Eighteen Lohan Hands, or Sap Pat Lor Hon Sau in Chinese (Cantonese), at the Shaolin Temple. With the presence of many retired generals at the Shaolin Temple, the Eighteen Lohan Hands later evolved into the Eighteen-Lohan Fist, or Sap Pat Lor Hon Khuen, which was the prototype of Shaolin Kungfu.

With the introduction of kungfu at the Shaolin Temple, the Eighteen Lohan Hands took on a martial flavor, with the result that the Eighteen Lohan Hands also evolved into the Eighteen-Lohan Art, or Sap Pat Lor Hon Kung. While the Eighteen-Lohan Fist was a kungfu set, both the Eighteen-Lohan Art and the Eighteen Lohan Hands remained as sets of chi kung exercises, but with the Eighteen-Lohan Art emphasizing on internal force whereas the Eighteen Lohan Hands emphasizing on maintaining good health.

Hence, there are three sets of Lohan exercises:

  1. Eighteen Lohan Hands
  2. Eighteen-Lohan Fist
  3. Eighteen-Lohan Art

Because these Shaolin arts have been taught over a long time across wide areas, there are different versions of them. We are lucky that all these three invaluable Shaolin arts are found in our school, Shaolin Wahnam. The Eighteen Lohan Hands form the base of our chi kung training. In the Praying Mantis Course in Switzerland in August 2010, Grandmaster Wong introduced the Eighteen-Lohan Art. The Eighteen-Lohan Fist will be taught at an opportune time.

Eighteen Lohan Hands

Pushing Mountains

Pushing Mountains

The names of the eighteen patterns are as follows:

  1. Lifting the Sky
  2. Shooting Arrows
  3. Turning Cosmos
  4. Plucking Stars
  5. Thrust Punch
  6. Merry-Go-Round
  7. Carrying the Moon
  8. Nourishing Kidneys
  9. Three Levels to Ground
  10. Dancing Crane
  11. Carrying Mountains
  12. Drawing Sabre
  13. Presenting Claws
  14. Pushing Mountains
  15. Separating Water
  16. Big Windmill
  17. Deep Knee Bend
  18. Rotating Knees

Eighteen-Lohan Art

Big Boss Lifts Bronze Vessel

Big Boss Lifts Bronze Vessel

The names of the Eighteen-Lohan Art patterns are as follows:

  1. Lohan Worships Buddha
  2. Reverse Hanging of Double Hooks
  3. Double Hooks Hanging on Wall
  4. Shake Head Wag Tail
  5. Rhinoceros Looks at Moon
  6. Big Boss Lifts Bronze Vessel
  7. Big Bird Spreads Wings
  8. Old Monk Grinds Rice
  9. Golden Leopard Trains Claws
Swallow through Clouds

Swallows Through Clouds

  1. Father and Son Together
  2. Shoot Spear at Mystical Gate
  3. Green Dragon Charges at Face
  4. Hungry Tiger Charges at Prey
  5. Iron Bull Ploughs Field
  6. Open Window to Look at Moon
  7. Old Monk Takes off Shoes
  8. Night Guard Tests Sea
  9. Swallow Flies through Clouds

Eighteen-Lohan Fist

The names of the patterns of the Eighteen-Lohan Fist are as follows:

Eighteen-Lohan Fist

Names of patterns of Eighteen-Lohan Fist from Grnadmaster Wong's note-book

  1. Subdue Dragon
  2. Tame Tiger
  3. Push Mountains
  4. Thrust Kick
  5. Throw Tongue
  6. Arrow Punch
  7. One Finger Zen
  8. Lean Hand
  9. Three Arrows
  10. One Finger Zen
  1. Enter Rock
  2. Hang Fist
  3. Strike Tiger
  4. Kick Bushel
  5. Rush Pumch
  6. Strike Drum
  7. Enter a Well
  8. Sitting Meditation
  9. Golden Bell on Ground
  10. Lohan Stretches Waist
Eighteen-Lohan Fist

Grandmaster Wong treasures this note-book highly because it contains not only records of classical sets but also the writing was by Grandmaster Wong's father

  1. Sweep Palm
  2. Carry Insignia
  3. Arrow Punch
  4. Butterfly Palms
  5. Present Claws
  6. Skyward Punch from Ground
  7. Kick Organ
  8. Arrow Punch
  9. Single Whip
  10. Stamp Insignia
  1. Emerge from Cave
  2. Skyward Punch
  3. Double Hanging Fists
  4. Double Punch
  5. Crouching on Ground
  6. Hand Sweep
  7. Chop Mountain
  8. Strike Bell
  9. Skward Cannon Punch
  10. Skyward Cannon Punch
Subdue Dragon

Subdue Dragon

  1. Strike Tiger
  2. Strike Tiger
  3. Spread Wings
  4. Save Emperor
  5. Enter Plain
  6. Bar Big Boss
  7. Single Whip
  8. Catch Tiger
  9. Comb Hair
  10. Worship Buddha
  1. Double Offer Wine
  2. Throw Ball
  3. Throw Ball
  4. Throw Ball
  5. Grip-Strike
  6. Press on Ground
  7. Lead Goat
  8. Hand Sweep
  9. Present Claw
  10. Tiger-Tail
Strike Tiger

Strike Tiger

  1. Separate Water
  2. Hand Sweep
  3. Strike Tiger
  4. Break Flank
  5. Single Whip
  6. Double Dragon-Hands
  7. Sweep Floor
  8. Sweep Floor
  9. Tiger-Tail
  10. Steal Heart
  11. Submerge Punch
  12. Skyward Cannon Punch


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