Classic of Shaolin Kungfu

After successfully climbing Mount Kinabalu, the highest mountain of Southeast Asia, at the age of 60, Riccardo earnestly told me that he would not be able to do so 10 years earlier

To be healthy is natural. This is a great inspiring truth. Today, so many people are sick, even when they live in a society where health care facilities are plentiful, like in Western countries, that they think, wrongly, to be sick, at lease once a while, is natural. No! Sickness, by whatever name the symptoms may be called, is unnatural.

What is meant by saying that health is natural, or sickness is unnatural? It means that according to the normal way of things, the normal way the world or life goes on, without us having to do anything extra, we are healthy. Sickness is not normal, it is not the normal way of things, not the way the world or life goes on.

In practical terms, it means that when we eat, we digest our food; when harmful micro-organisms attack us, we overcome the attack; when wear and tear occur in our body, we repair the wear and tear; when cells mutate in the body, we eliminate the mutation; when negative emotions affect us, we clear the negative emotions; when stress burdens us, we manage the stress. We do this all the time, every moment of our life, without our consciousness knowing, because good health is our birth-right.

Then, why are so many people sick? It is because, due to some intermediate factors, their physiological or psychological processes fail, for the time being, to work naturally. In traditional Chinese medical jargon, it is expressed as chi or energy blockage.

“If your chi is flowing harmoniously, wherefore can illness occur?” declared all traditional Chinese medical classics.

In simple language, it means that if the energy that flows harmoniously to all your cells, all your tissues, all your muscles, all your organs, all your systems to work them the way they are meant to function, you won’t be sick at all. If this energy flow is blocked, illness may occur.

It is inspiring to know that this is the philosophy that has maintained the health and sanity of the biggest population of the world for the longest period of known history!

Personally, I have applied this philosophy to help countless people overcome so-called incurable illness, including cancer, heart problems, asthma, diabetes, chronic pain, allergies, autoimmune syndrome, viral infection, peptic ulcers, muscular failure, kidney failure, osteoporosis, depression, phobia, nervousness and many others.

Introduction to Shaolin Kungfu

Although at 70 I am more than double the age of Roland, who is strong and agile like a gorilla, I am in no way less healthy than him

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