Myself and Kay

Myself and Kay

I was pleasantly surprised that Jean’s fractured leg was not swollen. When I felt her fractured bones, I found them perfectly set. Later, Jean told me that at first her fractured leg was swollen to the extent that she felt it would burst the seams of her trousers.

“Sigung was here just now,” Jean said. “He set the fracture. Then he said, ‘Your sifu is here. He will take it from here.’ Then you came.”

“My sifu is a very rare expert in setting bones. If he’s set your fracture, it is perfect.” I said.

My sifu, Sifu Ho Fatt Nam, had left this phenomenal world a few years ago. Earlier, when my sifu was still in this world, Kay, Jean and their two lovely children visited my sifu.

“Is it necessary to have Jean taken to a hospital?” Kay asked.

It was intriguing that both Jean and I replied at the same time with the same words, “It’s not necessary.”

After channelling some chi to Jean’s legs, I told her to perform “Bear Walk”.

“First, stand on your healthy leg. Then, slowly and gently, transfer you weight to the fractured leg so that both legs support your body weight equally,” I said.

Jean did so.

“Do you feel any pain?”

“No, no pain.”

“Very good. Now, perform Bear Walk. Gently at first, but when you feel comfortable, practise it as normal.”

Jean did the Bear Walk very well.

“Now, just let go and enjoy a gentle chi flow.”

Jean was like drifting in the clouds in her chi flow.

By then, Yumi had got two taxis to take us back to our hotel.

“Jean,” I said, “It’s chi flow, not your bones and muscles, that enables you to stand and walk. Direct the chi to your legs, and let the chi do the walking.”

Jean directed chi to flow to her legs, and let the chi do her walking. Then she walked slowly to a taxi, and with some help from her husband, got into it.

Jean and Kay sat at the back seat, and I sat in front of one taxi, while my wife, Yumi and Naoko sat in another taxi.

“Are you comfortable, Jean?”

“Yes, sifu, very comfortable.” There was quite a long walk from the road where the taxis stopped to the entrance of our hotel.

Jean and me

Jean and Me

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