Me as a Small Boy

That was me, more than 60 years ago

I have a most wonderful life, and in this autobiography, I share with readers how this most wonderful life has come about.

I have a beautiful wife, five beautiful children, three beautiful grandchildren, and more than 60,000 beautiful children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and great great grandchildren in the worldwide happy Shaolin Wahnam Family spread over more than 35 countries. My job, or more correctly my hobby, is giving health and happiness to people irrespective of race, culture and religion.

Financially, I have progressed from a poorly paid school teacher who had to wait for a salary at the end of every month to make ends meet to a world known teacher of health and happiness who gives monthly monetary aids to many strangers to help them feed their families.

I had to work for eight years before I could afford to buy a cheap used car, and for eleven years before I could buy a house, even that with a housing loan from the Ministry of Education I worked with. But after working for myself, I could buy a new house and a new car each for my wife and every one of my five children who had endured poverty with me, though our family life had been very happy.

Of course one can still be very happy without owning a car or a house, as many people in the world today are. But the ability to buy a car or a house indicates financial ability, which is important to ensure a comfortable life in today’s world. Reading an autobiography of someone whose own life is uncomfortable is neither interesting nor beneficial.

I have the greatest wealth, i.e. good health. I could not remember when I was last sick, which must be more than 40 years ago. I have vitality of a young man, being able to run and jump and roll about robustly. I am grateful to all divine beings who have guided and protected me and enabled me to live to 70 and knowing I will live joyfully for many more years.

I have mental clarity. I can talk, sensibly, on any topic on the spot. In a chi kung class in Switzerland, for example, to demonstrate an application of mental clarity and mental flow, I gave an impromptu talk on Switzerland and stability immediately after being shown a picture of a mountain as a cue for the topic of the talk. In a Zen class in England, I demonstrated an ability of providing a viable solution to a difficult problem described by a well-known lawyer after I walked seven steps, recalling the legend of seven steps a poem by a famous Chinese poet.

More significantly, I shared with my students the skills and techniques in achieving such mental clarity and flow. Many students reported to me that in practical sessions at Zen classes, they could solve problems in three minutes what had been troubling them for months! Like many things in our school, this is incredible but true.

Myself in 2013

Myself in 2013

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