Happy Shaolin Wahnam family members at Sifu Wong Chun Yian's wedding

Is it painful to be betrayed? Of course, it is. But I have learnt to let go, and wish those who betrayed me well.

The first time I was betrayed was many years ago in the 1970s by members of a kungfu school in honour of Uncle Righteousness, whom I went back to teach combat application after learning from Sifu Ho Fatt Nam. At that time I also learned kungfu medicine, or traumatology, from Sifu Choe Hoong Choy, who also asked me to teach Lion Dance.

Members of this kungfu school were not happy that I taught Lion Dance in Sifu Choy Hoong Choy’s school, and from being a very welcomed honorary instructor I became ostracized. This led to my establishment of Shaolin Wahnam Association, otherwise I would have continued teaching as an honorary instructor in this school.

Only direct members of this school ostracized me. Other students of Uncle Righteousness and his family treated me very well. In fact, may be as a form of protest, some senior students of Uncle Righteousness joined me in Sifu Choe Hoong Choy’s school.

My second betrayal was by some senior students of Shaolin Wahnam Association which I established, and by a chi kung master whom I helped. It was also connected with my claim of distant chi transmission. I left Shaolin Wahnam Association and set up Shaolin Wahnam Institute. Again, only some senior students betrayed me. Other senior students continued to train kungfu in my house.

Shaolin Wahnam Institute was very successful in teaching chi kung to the public, helping many people overcome so-called incurable diseases. Shaolin Wahnam Institute had about 15 branches teaching chi kung in Kedah, Penang and Kuala Lumpur.

A group of professionals suggested to convert Shaolin Wahnan Institute from a sole proprietor company run by me to a public company run by a board of directors, so that the wonderful benefits of chi kung could be spread to more people. At first I declined, after my experience in Shaolin Wahnam Association which was a public organization run by a committee. But when the professionals offered me a veto right whereby I could veto any decisions without giving any reasons, I consented.

However, the project failed, betrayed by a few professionals tasked to run the company. The veto right was never written in the company constitution, though I had the impression it was. I left the company to teach overseas. Although I used the name Shaolin Wahnam Institute in my overseas teaching, I could not register it legally. Hence I had to use Wongs Happy Family for payment purposes.

After each betrayal, especially after I left Shaolin Wahnam Association, I asked myself where I had done wrong. Honestly, I could not find any wrong I did. I lived my life according to the highest ideals of the Shaolin teaching, especially the Ten Shaolin Laws. I walked my talk. I had great faith and belief in Guan Yin Bodh Satt and Immortal Li. I concluded that the betrayals were tests a person had to go through to become a master.

The betrayals were actually blessings in disguise. There was improvement after each betrayal. After the first betrayal, I set up Shaolin Wahnam Association. After the second betrayal, I set up Shaolin Wahnam Institute. After the third betrayal, I taught overseas, bringing the wonderful benefits of our Shaolin Wahnam arts all over the world. These events were recorded in details in my autobiography, The Way of the Master.

Recently we in Shaolin Wahnam Institute had another betrayal. This time I was betrayed by senior students whom I literally had saved from dying. Considering the size and spread of our school – Andrew (Sifu Andrew Barnett) has estimated that we have more than 60,000 members in more than 35 countries – the number of betrayals is minimal.

While many family members are genuinely grateful for the benefits they have received from our school, and have become sentimental over it, I have come to a conclusion that anyone who thinks he does not have any benefit from our school, can leave. This conclusion makes it easier for me to accept betrayals.

History repeats itself. What improvement will our school make after the recent betrayal? We will know the result when it comes. But if it does not happen, it does not matter. We are all happy and healthy. Those who may be sick now, can expect to be healthy by practicing our arts. We celebrate life.

Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit
13th February 2017


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