The next morning, 21st January 2018, we left early from Helsinki by plane to Ivalo. The distance was about 1000 kilometers, and the flight took a couple of hours.

We stopped briefly at Kittila, which is a small town close to many popular skiing destinations. It is about 200 km north of the Arctic Circle in Lapland. Everywhere around was snow, making a gorgeous sight. The plane did not dock at the small airport building, so a bus had to come alongside the plane to pick up alighting passengers.

The plane continued the remaining 150 km to Ivalo which took only about 25 minutes. But because the roads far in the north are icy and winding, it would take about 4 hours by car.

We arrived at Ivalo. I was surprised to find the airport building much bigger and more modern than the one I landed in 2011 when I had courses in Saariselka on the Flower Set and Asking Bridge where we had a happy record of three marriages resulting from the courses. The airport was again all surrounded with snow.

We rented a car and drove to Inari, a small village in Lapland surrounded by arctic nature. This is the northernmost place where I have ever conducted courses. We had lunch at the hotel where I shall stay because here there is internet access. Markus and other course participants will stay in another hotel near the hall of the courses not far away.

After lunch I spent some time to play with my computer. At 7.00 pm Markus came to fetch me to drive for about an hour south to Saariselka where I had memorable courses in 2011. We passed Ivalo with its many colourful lights.

Then we reached Saariselka, which was like a fairyland. We saw Riekonlinna, our previous hotel as well as Holiday Club Inn where we had our previous courses. We also went up a small hill with a cafe which looked like cake with icing. Then we went to a nearby restaurant to enjoy a tasty dinner. After that we drove back to Inari. The temperature was only minus 15 degrees Celcius, not as cold as in 2011 when the temperature was minus 40 degrees Celcius, though Markus said it was only minus 30.

Wong Kiew Kit
21st January 2018, Inari, Lapland





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