Stupid Horse

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"I'm very thankful to you," said the girl sweetly to Yang. Her smile was so inviting that Yang felt like floating in the air.

"How are you going to thank me?" Yang asked, after he had found himself and settling back on earth.

"I'll give you anything you ask," she answered without thinking.


"Yes, anything." She began to blush.

"Do you know what I'll ask?"

"How can I? I'm not a fortune-teller!" she protested.

She is perfectly right, Yang thought to himself. The trouble with many people is that they always take things for granted. And luckily she isn't a fortune-teller. I may be embarrassed if she knows what I want.

"Alright then," Yang said, "give me three barrels of the best wine you can find!"

"Three barrels of wine?" She asked in astonishment. "You are not a horse; what do you want three barrels of wine for?"

"That's what a man wants," Yang replied triumphantly.

The beautiful girl looked puzzled, wondering whether that was really what a man wanted.

"I’ll give you what you want," she retorted rather angrily. "The wine sold here isn't good. If you meet me at my house tonight at the second bell, I'll give you what you want. My house is the third one along Phoenix Avenue. There are some blossoming chrysanthemums at the gate. You can't miss it. I'll pay for the damaged wall you have caused," she pouted.

"Please don't worry about the damage; I know the tea-house owner, I'll settle that myself. But may I know your name, so that I can mention it to the door-man?" Yang said almost pathetically.

"You can call me Miss Lin. But my door-maid won't let you in unless you show her my handkerchief." She pulled out her pink, fragrant handkerchief and shoved it to Yang. Then without another word she turned and hurried away. Yang could vaguely hear her murmuring temperamentally as she left, "Stupid Horse! When a girl says she'll give anything, she means she'll give anything!"

Stupid horse indeed! Yang watched with wide, open mouth, like a child whose only toy had been snatched away.

I could at least have enjoyed a nice conversation with her; or may be even have dinner together, Yang lamented. Now I can only smell her handkerchief.


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